Chilling at Copacabana Beach

After my giddiness of being upgraded to Delta One to Rio, I finally calmed down 😉 After breakfast on the flight, we safely landed in Rio de Janeiro. Oh, and I ate lol.

After clearing customs (be prepared for a long walk) and getting my bag, it was time to find my driver.

Whether traveling solo or with friends, I always prearrange a car pick after my episode in Casablanca. Read all about the incident here.

Anywho, from the airport to my hotel it was about a 30-minute drive. Normally, when I arrive in a new country I want to immediately go and explore rather than relax, even on those long haul flights. This time I opted not to. Once I arrived and checked in, I showered, put on my bathing suit, and checked out Copacabana Beach across from my hotel.

The Hotel

Now before heading out to Copacabana Beach, I had to see the rooftop of the Windsor Leme hotel. The rooms reminded me of my college dorm life but the view stole my breath.

That is a No to the minibar 😳🤣.

Copacabana Beach

On this trip, I opted not to withdraw cash at home since I will be traveling to 3 other countries and didn’t want to go home with multiple currencies. If you decide to bring U.S. dollars, don’t convert at the airport, the rates will make you cry for momma.

Anyway, in Rio, you have to find the ATM machine that will accept U.S. financial transactions. Depending on the number of days in Rio which is 3 days for me, I was told only to take out $50 as the majority of restaurants will accept credit cards. You just need the cash for incidentals.

Once I had cash, I needed water and found a grocery and next thing I knew I was getting fresh fruits.

I did use my credit card rather than give up my cash.

Once I stocked up, it was time for the beach. If you are staying close to the Copacabana, your hotel will supply you with the towels. You will only need to purchase your chair(s) and/or umbrella(s) which is about 5 Brazilian Real (i.e. $1.50). Oh, the dollar is fantastic! It was time to relax and enjoy the view.I told you my hotel was across from the beachAfter a couple of hours, I headed back to the hotel to enjoy the pool.Then I got hungry and thirsty. I had the best Margarita. None of the sugary stuff – freshly squeezed lime juice in this cocktail!I thought I ordered chicken fingers but I got the real chicken.I love my view.Well, it is time for dinner and to call it a night. I have a full next day.

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