Journey to Christ the Redeemer

Today was my first full day in Rio de Janeiro and my visit to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Christ the Redeemer. During this tour, I learned several things. One of them is the meaning of Rio de Janeiro; its literal translation is River of January. I was totally clueless 🤐 until the tour guide told me. Secondly, it is the second-most populous city in Brazil 🇧🇷 (Sao Paulo being first) and sixth in the Americas. Lastly, the history of Christ The Redeemer. By the way, did you know one arm is shorter than the other? I will let find out on your own.

History of Christ The Redeemer

On July 7, 2007, Christ the Redeemer was added as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The art deco statue of Jesus Christ is in the national park of Mount Corcovado. It stands 38 meters (125 ft) high with the pedestal.

Now how to get there…..

There are five ways:

  1. Travel Agency or Tour Group.
  2. Via Train/Tram.
  3. By Van
  4. Hiking a Trail in the Tijuca Fores
  5. By Car or Foot

For this trip, I did one and two. The drive to the Tram station was scenic with lots of murals.

The Tram Station

The station is small but well-organized. When you walk in, you see the flags of different countries.

Then there is an option to take the customary touristy photo.

While waiting for the Tram, there is “sculpture” made to resemble the Redeemer.

And here is our Tram.

All aboard!

Depending on what side you sit, you will either be vegetation or an aerial view of Rio. (Sit on the side with 2 seats for the aerial view of the city)

The Tram ride is about 15 minutes. Once you arrive, you have the option of taking the lifts (which only one was working) or the stairs.

In total, there are 110 steps to the top. Yep, it is a workout, but it is the best way to view the beauty of Christ the Redeemer.

Christ the Redeemer

On this particular morning, it was cloudy/foggy as I was climbing.

Once I made it to the top, it cleared up for this view.

As you walk around the statue, you will see the people on the ground trying to get a perfect shot of Christ the Redeemer. My recommendation is to walk away from the statue towards the area where you get an aerial view of Rio.

The cloud is hiding the aerial view 😥

Anywho, once you’ve found your spot, prepare yourself for your photos. 😉

Then do all the typical touristy pictures.

Maybe a couple of selfies. I will save you and only add one in this blog. 😆

Even though the weather was not cooperating, Christ the Redeemer is majestic and beautiful.

As I was leaving, I snapped a couple more parting pictures.

As soon as I made it down the stairs and was getting ready to board the train, the weather cleared up. (Just wrong 😩)!

Earlier, I said I learned several things on this trip. Well, one of the most important takeaways is to avoid the early morning tours to Christ the Redeemer. If possible, arrive after 10 am so that the morning fog/cloudiness has a chance to dissipate.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this photographic journey with me. Make sure to check yesterday post about Copacabana Beach and if you would like me to curate a trip similar to this, contact me. Ciao!

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