My Overview of Australia

The first time I went to over to the Oceania, I didn’t stop in Australia.  I went directly to New Zealand.  The second time around, I made the decision to stop in Sydney and Melbourne.

The first time I did was research if Australia requires a Visa.   Yes it does and here is the link for you to apply

The plan was to do a 48-hour layover in Sydney before heading and Melbourne after leaving New Zealand.  Below is my take of Australia.

  • Australian Government Immigration and Border Control is moving towards a kiosk system for entry and exit.   In Sydney, I went to an agent.  However, in Melbourne, I was not given an option.  I had to use the kiosk.   It was fast and easy.  The only downside was no entry stamp on my passport.
  • Australia is expensive when it comes to meals. My breakfast cost $35 AUD and I had an omelette and latte in Melbourne.
  • Melbourne has a great tram system that is free to get around the CBD (Central Business District)
  • If your connecting to Sydney from another domestic city in Australia and traveling internationally, it is an interesting ride. It takes about 15 minutes from the domestic to international terminal.  I now understand the three hours layover between domestic and international.
  • I have no idea at the nightlife in Sydney or Melbourne. I am mellow person. Finding a nice restuarant and enjoying my dinner is nightlife.

Lastly, please factor jetlag and being in the southern hemisphere. That 15 hour time difference and a day ahead is a killer especially when you live in the East Coast. I no longer said yesterday, today, or tomorrow. I just gave an exact date.



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