Am I a Motel Girl?

indexI am a hotel girl primarily the chain hotels.  You can probably say I am a hotel snob lol.   My favorite is Marriott.  However, during my stay in the South Island, I’ve stayed in a motel.   Yes, I said it — motel!.  The thought of staying at a motel in the States just gives me hives.   However, motels in New Zealand does not mean the same in the States.

The majority of the accommodations in Dunedin are motels.  Don’t get me wrong some of the motels do look questionable, however, the two I stayed in were not.   Below is my review of the accommodations

315 Euro Motel and Serviced Apartments

During my first visit, I stayed at the 315 Euro Motel and Serviced Apartments.  It was not my first, second or third choice.  It was a company selected motel.  When I Googled the motel, I was not happy.  It truly looked like a motel in the States.  I started to research alternative accommodations but results were not to my satisfaction.  Okay, I will admit it — I was looking for a Marriott, Hilton, Hampton Inn, or Holiday Inn.

I gave up and said I will make the most of it.   Guess what, I was pleasantly surprised.  The motel is off the main street within walking distance to the shopping and restaurants. Not bad at all! The staff were friendly.  The room was spacious and extremely clean.  The bathroom was better than any 3 to 4 star hotels I’ve been in.   Oh, lets not even talk about the bed.  It was like you were sleeping on cloud nine.

20160603_124802 20160603_131538

The entire 14-day stay was enjoyable and pleasurable and I would return again.

Aria on Bank

Upon my return to New Zealand, the intention was to stay at the 315 Euro.  However, my co-worker wanted us to select another accommodation.   I am a creature of comfort.  I had no problems with 315 Euro.  It was walking distance to everything and I enjoyed my last stay.

Nonetheless, I agreed to the change and once again, I was pleasantly surprised with Aria on Bank.  This motel best feature was loft style rooms.  I was in a two-story for my stay in New Zealand.  Wow!  Who could have imagined?   The room is bright and airy.  The bathroom is beautifully designed.  The bed is extremely comfortable.

20160929_074517 20160929_074335

The only downside is the fact that bathroom is downstairs.  The late night runs required some alertness for the stairs.

20160929_074509The location of the accommodations were will suited.  It had several restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance.  Also, it had a wonderful route for running/walking.   Lastly, the motel is a mile from the famous Baldwin Street which is steepest street in the world.  During one of my late afternoon run, I look at it.  I was not going to attempt to run or walk up that street, but it was great o look at.


One of things I’ve learned during my visits is that I need to get outside of my routine and comfort zone.  Just because it is a motel does not necessarily mean that it is bad.  I am glad that I took that leap of faith and stayed at these motels.  The goal for the remainder of the year is to be more open-minded and realize that one definition in one country is not necessarily the same in another country.