My First International Road Trip

roadtripOn my second trip to New Zealand, my co-worker, Andrea and I planned a weekend road trip to Queenstown, New Zealand.   It was going to be my first international road trip.  Queenstown has been on my radar since my first visit to New Zealand.  I was told that it was the town to see while in the South Island.

Can you imagine the excitement I felt on Friday afternoon? I was going to have my first international road trip. The drive to Queenstown is approximately 3.5 hours from Dunedin.  I was prepared.

Okay, let me give you some background, I don’t do road trips at all.   Driving in a car for hours just doesn’t appeal to me.  Also, I am the worst companion in a plane, train, or automobile.  I will fall asleep on you quickly.  However, this trip would be different.  It is an international road trip.  I had my Smartphone charged and ready to take pictures and explore.


En-route to Queenstown

While en-route and before stopping at our first town, we saw majestic mountains and rolling hills showing signs of spring; sheep and cows grazing on fresh green grass.  I felt like I was watching a documentary on nature, but this was my reality.   I guess by being a city girl, I never experienced the beauty of the countryside.

international road trip rollinghills

international road trip international road trip international road trip


jimmysOur first stop was Roxburgh.  It is a small New Zealand town of about 600 people.  It is well known for having the establishment “Jimmy’s Pies”.  We were told that we must stop and get one of their mince pies.  I was like “mince pie…what is that?”   Basically, it is beef minced up inside of a pie.  When we entered Jimmy’s, they had a wide range of selection from fruity to meaty pies.   Since I was an unofficial “kiwi” (native New Zealander), I might as well try one.

international road trip mincepie

All I am going to say is that is one food item off my bucket list and I don’t see me having another one.

If you recall, I told you that I am not a good companion on road trips because of one big flaw — falling asleep.  Well, guess what I fell asleep on Andrea during the drive between Roxburgh and Clyde which was about 25 miles.  Yep, knocked and snoring based on what Andrea told me.  Oh well, I finally woke up for the town of Clyde.


Our second stop was Clyde which is another small town with a population of less than 1500.  Clyde is known for having the third largest hydroelectric dam in New Zealand which is built on the Clutha River.

damWhen I saw the Clutha River, I was left breathless.  It is a natural wonder.  I have never seen a turquoise river.  I was in awe of the color and tranquility.  I even inquired during the winter season, would it turn into a block of ice.  The answer was no.  I spent so much time taking pictures of the river and enjoying the view.

international road tripinternational road tripCromwell

Our next stop was the town of Cromwell which lays between the Clutha River and Kawarau River. You will see the distinct difference between the colours of the waters of the two rivers.

cluthariver1It is the cutest town with historic charm.  It felt safe, warm, and friendly.  I could have spent hours walking around and getting to know the townspeople.

cromwell1 cromwell2 cromwell3 cromwell5 crowmwell414408342_10154086814816559_541740694_oQueenstown

We finally made it to Queenstown after I did a bungy jump of the Kawarau Bridge.  Yes, Andrea hoodwinked me into bungy jumping.  Psst…do not tell her, after the initial fear, I loved it.  Read all about it

media_2914935 media_2914947I fell in love with this town.  Queenstown is a resort town with a population of less than 20,000.  It is quaint, quiet, inviting, and friendly.  With it being the spring season, you were surrounded by cherry blossoms.



Andrea and I spent time exploring the city and even doing a river cruise on Lake Wakatipu.

14424108_10154089100381559_1373104221_o 14424132_10154089100751559_847305535_o14466361_10154089100661559_1409459496_o14455955_10154818231876564_1312580706_oQueenstown is a place you can fall in love with and never leave.

20160923_181158 20160924_094139 20160924_094848 20160924_095124 20160924_095606As always, the weekend came too quickly and we headed back to Dunedin to start our work week.  The last two days were filled with excitement, activities, and relaxation.  My recommendation is a stop in Queenstown if you have the opportunity to be in the South Island of New Zealand.

This had to best international road trip (since it was my first).  I don’t know if any city in a foreign country can compete.  However, I have to say without my co-worker, this wouldn’t have been possible.   Add international road trip to your bucket list.  It will be one of the best adventures you will ever take.



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  1. Cricket Plunkett

    Looks like such a fun trip, beautiful photos!

  2. Heather Denniston

    Very fun. I did that bungee jump when I was there in 1991!!

  3. Amber Myers

    What pretty photos! I would love to go, this looks fun.

  4. Sasha

    These pictures are amazing! I am so jealous you have the guts to bungie jump! I’d be too afraid!

  5. Nellwyn

    Beautiful pictures! I’d love to go on a road trip in New Zealand one day!

  6. cheryl@neuroticbaker

    I love road trips and this looks amazing!

  7. Lou Lou Girls

    This is so pretty!

  8. Sumti

    Nice Photographs. Hope you had lot of fun 🙂

  9. Mal

    Wow, New Zealand looks amazing. It’s a 30 hour flight for me so a weekend getaway is not an option, but I’m dying to visit one day! Glad you had fun. <3

  10. Ruxandra

    I love road trips where you discover charming towns and stunning landscapes!

  11. Sheree

    The Clutha River looks gorgeous. Totally my kind of place. I laughed when I read that you fall asleep during road trips. I’m the same exact way. Ah! I love the idea of bungee jumping but I’m not sure if I could actually do it. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  12. Laure

    Looks like a great road trip! I’d love to visit New Zealand.

  13. Katrina Honer

    Cromwell looks so inviting! I am always in love with hearing about your new adventures. I think I am too much of a wuss to do an international road trip so I will just vicariously live through your experiences lol

  14. Agnes

    Looks like a fun trip! I love to travel and experience new places

  15. Shelby Bromley

    I’d love to visit NZ! Great post

  16. blessing boamah

    What beautiful places, I’ve heard New Zealand was beautiful but these pictures are stunning. I’ll definitely have to add international road trips to my bucket list. Bungee Jumping sounds terrifying but exhilarating after you are done.

  17. ohmummymia

    Gorgeous pictures! Looks like beautiful place!

  18. Janine Good

    How lovely! I am heading to Queenstown in January and your post was inspiring!

  19. Lizzy

    I looove Queenstown!! Looks like you had so much fun!

  20. Sassy

    Love your photos! Such a fun trip!

  21. andrea

    Lovely photos and it looks like you had a blast. Bungee jumping would scare me to death but hey you only live once.

  22. Heather

    What an amazing road trip! Bungee jumping would definitely not be on my agenda though 🙂

  23. Shane

    How ironic this was actually my first international road trip as well! Such a scenic drive and first time driving on the left!

  24. Dawn McAlexander

    You have some very beautiful pictures of some beautiful places. I would love to visit them all someday.

  25. Gryselle Mae

    My cousin is currently living in New Zealand and I heard that the place has amazing view. Upon checking out your post, what she said is indeed true! Hope I could visit New Zealand someday 🙂

  26. michenn

    You captured such beautiful photos here!

  27. Michael

    I used to live in Australia for 2 years and I loved meat pies! When I saw the picture of a meat pie, I cried!

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