Haitian Delicacy – Tablet Pistache

This morning I decided my breakfast was going to be tablet pistache.  I figured since I lost the clean eating challenge, I might as well indulge. Yes, I had a very sugary and tasteful delight at 8 am.  Now you are wondering what is “Tablet Pistache”.  It is a delicacy that all Haitian children have experienced multiple times.  Mom is in the kitchen making this sweet and all you can smell is the aroma.  You are jumping up and down waiting for it to cook and cool down.  Once it is cool, you find your hidden corner and start chowing down.  There will be no sharing as you are smacking your mouth and licking your finger.

“Tablet Pistache”….it is what Americans call “peanut brittle” or “peanut praline”.  Let me tell you, I had peanut brittle and it is not the same.  Once you have tasted “Table Pistache” you will never go back.  When your travels take you to Haiti, make sure to have one or two.  Mmmmm, it taste so good!


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    I love pistache

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