Haitian Delicacy – Tablet Pistache

This morning, I made a delightful deviation from my usual clean eating routine by choosing tablet pistache for breakfast. After straying from my dietary goals, I thought, why not treat myself? So, there I was at 8 am, savoring a sugary, flavorful treat. You might be curious about what tablet pistache is. It’s a beloved Haitian treat that many of us grew up enjoying repeatedly. Imagine the kitchen filled with its sweet aroma while eagerly anticipating its readiness, almost dancing in place for it to cool. Once it’s ready, I’d sneak away to a secluded spot to relish it without interruption, savoring each bite with no intention of sharing.

Tablet Pistache, known to many Americans as peanut brittle or peanut praline, has a unique taste that sets it apart. Having tried peanut brittle myself, I can assure you it doesn’t compare. Once you’ve experienced tablet pistache, there’s no going back. So, when you find yourself in Haiti, don’t miss out on trying this exquisite snack. Trust me, it’s irresistibly delicious!

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    I love pistache

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