A journey to the Motherland – Haiti

A lot of people may not know about my heritage. I am Haitian. My parents were born in Haiti. I was born in the Bahamas and raised in Miami. I paid $90 in 1990 to be a US citizen. You would be surprised to know that I have never been to Haiti. I remember when my brother, his wife, and my mother planned a trip to Haiti and they did not invite me. However, they invited me to take them to the airport. I was disappointed and not disappointed. For a very long time, I never had any interest to visit. I guess in some ways, I was ashamed to be Haitian. I lost the language, the culture, and the tradition. You have to know that when my family first came to the US, they treated the Haitians badly (which is/was an understatement). I still remember the taunting, the bullying, and the feeling of being worthless because we were “boat people”. My parents encourage us to say we were Bahamians rather Haitians just for us to emotionally/mentally survive.

However, within the last year or so, my feelings started to shift (A little slow, but never too late). I am not ashamed. The Haitian people…MY people are strength, beauty, and courage. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to visit my homeland – I jumped! I am so excited that for our (U.S.) independence day that I will be having my liberation in my motherland – HAITI. I hope you stay tune and follow interNATionalcaty journey.

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