Oh Boy! Traveling with Others

jumpingI remember the second year of my journey of becoming interNATionalcaty. I invited four (4) girlfriends to accompany me on a trip. Oh boy, did I learn when I had to have a conversation with one of the travel mate at the beginning of the trip? There is a big difference when traveling solo and traveling with others.

When traveling with others especially your friends, you need to have that “uncomfortable” conversation before any plans are made. Just because you have been friends for years and “hang out” together when home, it is a different ball game when you are together for 5 to 10 days. Below are several questions to ask:

  • Are you a morning or night person? I am not a morning person. No conversation is needed. Take a shower, get dress, eat breakfast with coffee, then the day will begin.
  • Are you rogue or wild? Meaning do you have a hidden agenda for this trip. Maybe have a holiday fling or hitting every club/party while on vacation.
  • Are your finances in order to cover the trip? Trust me you don’t want to travel with a broke friend.
  • Do you snore? You maybe laughing, however, a good nights rest is a necessity.
  • Are you a planner or free-spirited? I am a planner. Before I leave for a trip, I have an itinerary that is distributed to friends and family. However, I am flexible if something needs to be changed or vetoed.
  • Can this person be drama free on the trip? You don’t want someone who will stress you out about an ex or current relationship, family, work, or finance.
  • Is this person culturally aware and respectful? Basically, what you can do (i.e. vulgar, loud, disrespectful, etc) in the States, you pretty much don’t want to do in other countries.
  • What is their (your) concept of time? Are you the one that says 5 minutes and it turns into an hour.

I have been fortunate during several of my past trips to have a great travel mate. As she calls it, she goes with the flow and I just plan it. Life is an adventure and it should be enjoyed either solo or with friends!


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