Haitian Delicacy – Griot

As I am sitting here at my desk this morning, I am thinking about another Haitian delicacy and most loved dishes – Griot. Griot (pronounced gree-oh) consists of big chunks of pork shoulder that are marinated and fried crisp which is paired with bannan peze (Fried and smashed plantain), pikliz (pronounced pick-lees) with diri kole (beans and rice)

I remember my dad and brothers always teasing me about my love affair with griot as a child. My brother still teases me to this day. I would beg my mom to make the dish every weekend and of course, my favorite was the fatty part of the pork. Now as an adult, you would think I would know how to make the dish….No! which is shameful. However, I know where to buy it when the urge overtakes me.

In today’s world, people are turning away from pork. However, this is a fond memory from my childhood and I can’t wait to experience this delicacy over and over again in my homeland – Haiti in July.

Yes, I had this dish last week