Being Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

WP_20160430_040Last weekend I did another local adventure. I found a Groupon deal to see Andy Grammer in concert at the FontaineBLEAU LIVE in Miami Beach, Florida. The deal included a 3-course dinner and an open bar during the concert. Boy was I excited about the deal and the concert. First time I heard the song “Honey, I am good”, it just made my spirit smile and then I needed to find out who sang that song. It was Andy Grammer and so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped.

This is another instance of going outside of your comfort zone. We are stuck on doing the same thing over and over. “Oh, I only listen to R&B”. “I only like going to this type of event”. Why not be comfortable with being uncomfortable with trying or better yet listening to new things. This will allow you to have a whole level of understanding and appreciation of being different.

I cannot express the importance of being adventurous and just go outside your comfort zone.

Below is a video of me and a friend enjoying Andy Grammer.