Traveling with Strangers

Have you traveled with someone you barely know?

V__6998In April 2016, a Facebook friend tagged me on a airfare post from Miami to Quito for $179.  I immediately in-boxed her and said “Do you want to go?”.  Her response was immediate.  We picked a date and booked the trip.

In a month, I would be on a weekend adventure with a person I met once during a Ragnar race event (A 100 mile run from Miami to Key West).  I knew nothing about her except that she is a runner.  I didn’t even know how to pronounce her last name.

Who does that? Well Lawanda and I.  I am single and Lawanda is married with a teenage son.  I live in Miami.  She lives in Jacksonville.  We just started interacting this past month, prior to April we had no communication with each other.  The question you have to ask yourself — Can you go on a trip with someone who is adventurous as you but you barely know? The answer is Yes!  You still need to lay the expectations, but it is doable and exciting as long as you are willing, adventurous, and spontaneous.

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