Can I come?

can I comeOn one of the groups I follow on Facebook, a person asked: “How do you handle when people ask if they can go with you when you travel?” There were over 50 comments. The majority stated that they don’t announce their trip until a week or two before traveling. I naturally questioned some of those respondents. Why keep your excitement or declaration at bay because someone may ask to come along? What is wrong with telling someone “no” with or without an explanation?

There are different reasons why people travel independently (solo) or dependently (group). We need to be cognizant before inviting (asking) ourselves on a trip and putting that person in an uncomfortable position. Ask yourself this — would you invite yourself to someone else wedding, baby shower, or graduation? Rather than asking “Can I come?” maybe start with and then ask, “That sounds like a wonderful trip. Are you going by yourself or with a group”? That will open the communication whether or not an invitation will be extended.