Utah Road Trip

So I finally was able to exit the airport and see a little bit of Salt Lake City before my road trip to Moab.

This Girls’ Trip and Runcation was planned by my travel buddy and friend Mimi Wanders.

I just remembered getting a text about visiting Utah and doing a half marathon. I love the idea about Utah but running 13.1 miles in July. 👀 All she said it was going to be a downhill race. The next thing I knew, I bought my airline ticket.

Road Trip

I knew the race was in Salt Lake City, but the plans were to spend two days in Moab prior to it. Now I should have done some research to find out that Moab was 4 hours from Salt Lake City. What! 4-hours! My maximum in a car is 2-hours. I don’t do road trips! Next thing I knew, we were driving down I-80 for almost 50 miles then US-6 for 151 miles.

Boy was I twitching in my seat. Mimi kept giving me the eye. The last time I did more than 4 hours in a car was in college. Know this, if you ever go on a road trip with me, you may leave me on the side of the road lol.

Anywho, after all that whining, I will have to admit; it was the most scenic drive. Enjoy the ride with me.

And we finally made it to Moab. Don’t we look chipper 😉

Time to rest and be prepared for a full day of touring Canyonlands and White Water rafting down the Colorado River. Here is a sneak peak


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  1. Martha Parfait

    Absolutely breathtaking!!

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