7 Travel Tips for Group Travel

Are you planning a group travel with your friends or family? Most of my travel tends to be solo but there are occasions when I travel in a group. Recently, I started to travel with others. I made it up to 3 😀

Anywho, regardless of the size, everyone has different personalities. Also, different needs when they travel so I wanted to share some tips on how to make your group trip as seamless as possible.

Travel Tips 1: Split up

Just because you’re traveling as a group doesn’t mean you need to be glued together all the time. For example, while in Mexico City, one of my travel buddy and I did a running tour. The other said “Uh no”. She stayed back and explored the surrounding area of our hotel.

Everyone will have different ideas of must-see things or must-do activities. If you can’t reach a consensus then split up according to whatever everyone wants to do. One group might want to spend the day at the beach while the other goes to a museum. And don’t be afraid to go off on your own during a group trip, if there’s something you really want to do and no one else does. It’s your vacation too so go home with no regrets

Travel Tips 2: Pre-plan some activities

Look at the top things to do in your chosen destination and consider pre-planning some activities, especially if you’re a large group. I don’t particularly appreciate waking up trying to figure out my activities for the day. So, I always pre-plan.

Travel Tips 3: Bill Splitting

When you are organizing your trip, be upfront about costs. You need to take into consideration meals and transportation costs. Who will pay and how to split?

When traveling internationally, they frown on splitting the bill. So, for example, I tend to pick up the tab and my travel buddy keeps track. At the end of the trip, all debts are settled. So, when it comes down to paying either pay cash upfront or use apps like PayPal, Zelle or Venmo and pay each other back immediately.

Travel Tips 4: Carrying Cash

For situations whether alone or in a group, it is important to have cash on hand. We live in a cashless society these days but when you’re traveling you need cash to tip or say take the bus or taxi or split the bill. Not every place or business takes cards in other countries so having cash is important. For example, I bring $200 and convert the cash at the airport. Just make sure to research and discuss the local currency with your group ahead of time.

Travel Tips 5: Safety

Safety is key for all kinds of travel. Make note of any concerns the group may have ahead of time. Are you doing anything extreme or adventurous? Does everyone have travel insurance? Does everyone know each other’s emergency contacts? Should we be wary of pickpockets in this city? Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you slack on your safety.

Travel Tips 6: Communicate

If there is an issue, are you open to having a discussion with your travel partners? What if someone doesn’t want to participate in the group activity? Will they let everyone know? What about keeping in touch when exploring and someone gets lost? How will you reach each other? Does everyone have a smartphone and a messengering system like WhatsApp? Do you have a meetup point planned if someone gets lost?

Travel Tips 7: Leave Room for Change and The Unexpected

On any trip, whether I’m traveling by myself or with others, I leave room for the unexpected or change. Things never happen to the letter so just be prepared for things to happen.

For example, my card was denied when I was in Thailand (Bangkok) and was ready to pay my bill. The rep is looking at me and I am like that is not possible. The person I was traveling with had to pay for my charges. I had no access to cash and I couldn’t contact my bank because 800 numbers don’t work internationally. I had to call a friend who then had to conference in my bank. Long story short, the bank failed to note my account when I notified them (don’t travel with a debit card ever). Everything worked out but I was out of commission for a day trying to resolve this issue. So be prepared for the unexpected.

Most likely, I am forgetting some vital group travel tips. Oh yeah, make sure to have fun and do a jump shot.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Do you have any that you want to share that helped you on your trips? Lastly, would you like me to plan your next group trip? I’ve been there and done that and have a travel agent licensed.

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  1. Satya

    Great tips!!! And let’s not forget to mention that apps like WhatsApp and FB Messenger are very useful tools to keep in touch when splitting for the day, especially if all of you are in WiFi zones and don’t have roaming access in your cellphone plans.

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