The Essential Guide for Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a bit of an enigma. With some areas having a look and feel of a European city transplanted to South America, and others with undeniably Latin flair. However, it does meld together to create an atmosphere that is totally unique to the city. Known for amazing steakhouses and some of the best wine around (hello, Argentinian Malbec!), this is a city to add to your bucket list.

What to Expect

Language: The official language is Spanish.

Currency: The currency is Argentinian Pesos($). The exchange rate as of this blog is 55 Pesos to 1 USD.

Credit Cards and Bank: Cash is still the king. The majority of restaurants and hotels accept credit cards, however, it’s best to always carry small change. My recommendation for three days is $4,113 ($75 USD). If possible order the money at your bank. Note: The ATM charges a $10 withdrawal fee. 😡

Climate: Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere which the weather is the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere so winter in Argentina in June to September and with an average temp of 45°F. However, be sure to check the forecast before you travel.

Crime: Just like any major city, be cognizant of your surroundings. There isn’t much violent crime, but petty theft targeting tourists have been reported.

Getting Around

From the Airport: Private arrival airport transfer is my preference since I find “meet and greet” service takes away some of the worries when arriving in a new city/country.

Public Transportation: Buenos Aires does have a metro and bus system, though we didn’t utilize it. Here is the link if you’d like to know more.

Taxi: The taxis do not take credit cards. Make sure to have pesos or U.S. dollars.

Uber: There is Uber. Be careful that the Uber drivers may ask for additional cash. Lastly, just take the necessary precautions you would do at home when using a shared ride service.

Where to Stay

There is a wide range of lodging in Buenos Aires from chains to boutique hotels. I stayed at the Panamericano Hotel which is in a touristy area.

The hotel has a great indoor rooftop pool with a great aerial view of the city.

Things To Do

Being the “Paris of South America“, there is so much to see and do in Buenos Aires. Let’s explore!

La Recoleta Cemetry
La Recoleta Cemetery is located in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires. This is no ordinary cemetery. It’s a place of rest for the rich, famous, and powerful of Argentina such as Eva Perón.

You’ll find impressive, ornate mausoleums packed tightly in this little corner of the city where you can wander for hours amidst a maze of the family graves. Oh, admission is free!

Caminito Area
Caminito is a street museum and a traditional alley, located in the La Boca area of Buenos Aires.

Palermo Soho Area
The largest neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, Palermo is a destination for foodies, art fans, and shopaholics. Popular with expats, The area is a must-do when visiting Buenos Aires.

Downtown Area

In the downtown area of Buenos, you will find the pink “white house”, the monument, museums, the Cathedral, and the opera house.

Where To Eat

Buenos Aires has a plethora of restaurants and it all depends on your taste bud and budget. Just make sure to avoid fast food and the touristy area restaurants and you will not be disappointed.

After being in Buenos Aires for 3 days, I recommend the following restaurants. The first is La Malbequeria which is located in the Palermo Soho area. When I say everything is perfect from the ambiance to the food to staff. This is the spot for a relaxed meal with a great Argentine Malbec.

The second choice is Fervor. I had the best ribeye steak and you must try the grilled pumpkin with sesame seed. Delicious!

If South America is in your travel, make sure to add Buenos Aires as one of your destinations and make sure to contact me for more details.

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  1. Alex Howell

    Argentina it’s a great place to go and eat good quality steaks! Also, it has a wonderful weather the most time of the year! I would love to go and enjoy that weather with a glass of good wine and a delicious dinner!

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