Montevideo in 24-hours

So on my trip to South America, I decided to spend a day in Montevideo, Uruguay. The entire time, I have been mispronouncing the name (what else is new 🤐). The correct pronunciation is [MON] + [TI] + [VI] + [DAY] + [OH]. Anywho, as I kept working on my pronunciation, I decided to explore and learn the history of the city for several hours.

Sights in Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay with the center being the Plaza de la Independencia. It is a small walkable city surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean (Montevideo Bay). On this trip, I was not able to walk as much due to the weather.

My favorite and what gave me so much pleasure was the wine tasting at the airport during my departure. It was free! I had such a wonderful time tasting wine while waiting for my flight.

After the wine tasting and purchasing a bottle, it was time to head to Santiago, Chile. Chau!

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  1. Alison Adler

    Montevideo seems to be a very nice place, rich in history and gastronomy! Those lamb chops look very nice! Also nothing it’s best than wine with a good steak!

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