Am I my hair?

About four months ago, I decided to grow out hair. The decision came after my Divas Does Europe trip. The struggle was excruciating. I bought wigs, curling iron, hairdryer, and different products to moisturize and define my curl pattern. No matter what I did, I did not feel “pretty” or me. I started questioning and doubting myself.

As my South American trip was approaching, I was debating whether or not to cut my hair or begin a new journey with hair. Facebook wouldn’t allow me to be great lol. FB kept popping up memories of my bald head on travel day. I even had a travel “uniform” which I didn’t know I had. 😁

I became nostalgic for that look but I told myself no…your travel day will even be better. Travel day arrived and I decided not to wear my “uniform” which was a Nike attire. I opted for a sleeveless maxi dress and scarf.

I did the customary selfie photos in my seat. I was just not feeling it.

But I made the most of it and sucked it up.

Anywho, when I arrived in Rio, I tried to make it work by switching up my look with my wig and scarf.

On travel day to Iguazu Falls, I purchased a scarf to wrap my head which made me very happy.

I didn’t even bother to take the customary selfie on my flight to Buenos Aires because I didn’t have another option to cover my natural hair.

The Shave

I literally spent the first seven days complaining and whining about my hair until my roommate said “enough”. It was driving me and her crazy. So on our third day in Buenos Aires, I said if I see a barber, I am shaving my hair.

Within 15 minutes of walking, I found a barber on our route that was open. I immediately walked in and asked how much would it cost to get a hair cut. He said R$300 ($5). That was a deal! I showed him a picture of what I wanted and so it began.

Once I shaved my hair, I felt alive and really started to enjoy my trip. I was no longer complaining. I was no longer in the mirror primping myself. I was me, carefree beautiful me!

At the end of the trip, I asked myself “Am I my hair?”. The answer is no because I feel and look my best without the hair. Here’s to travel day heading home with Nike.

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  1. Manuel Mendoza

    Wow!! I personally think that you look so much better without the hair! I love the look, you remind me Okoye from Black Panther (one of my favorite characters from de MCU) Also I think that a haircut doesn’t define who we are, I think actions are the one that defines us, and what it’s most important I think it’s that people will always remember the actions that you do, than how did you look!

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