3 Leos & the Virgo: Lima – Chorrillos

For this year birthday trip, I was so indecisive and out of the norm. When I finally made up my mind it was June; later than I normally do with an open invite on my Facebook page. I had about 10 friends who were interested, by the time of the trip it was 4 including me. So the birthday trip turned into the 3 Leos and the Virgo.

My traveling buddies birthdays are August 4, August 13, and September 21 with me, August 16. What a way to celebrate and travel! So let the adventure begins.

Lima, Peru

By time we stepped out the Lima International airport, it was already midnight. Now you would think the airport would be somewhat quiet. Uh no! It was like being in middle of Time’s Square on NYE. Apparently the majority of U.S flights into Lima arrive at night.

Once you left the airport, the traffic was horrendous in both directions. After about a 40-minute ride, we arrived at the JW Marriott Lima Miraflores. The hotel exceeded all of our expectations and we felt right at home. It was time shower and rest for tomorrow’s cultural tower.

Tour – Chorrollos

During the planning phase I went back and forth from a bicycle or walking tour until I found The Lima’s Color and Flavors Tour. The tour combined food and cultural. Touchdown!

Our first stop was Chorrillos. It is a district of the Lima Province in Peru. Chorrillos gets its name from the Spanish word for “trickle of water” and it is primarily a fishing district.

The fisherman would leaving in the wee hours in the morning for the day’s catch. By the time we arrived, the market was empty with only a few items 👀 Seafood anyone 😳

For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of this bug. However, it can be consumed. Yep! I said it. You can eat it! None of us was brave to try it. However, we did put it in our hands. It is definitely a creepy crawly thing lol

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXI0Mfh2B9Y[/embedyt]

Below is what the fishermen use for their fishing line. No poles. Just a line (thread) with bait to lure the fishes.

The fisherman’s boat are very colorful so they can be seen in heavy fog. The ocean temperature averages about 16°C/60°F year round. It is the Pacific!

Well the 3 Leos and the Virgo enjoyed the first stop.

And why did the Virgo get a kiss from the fisherman? 🤔

Oh well, next stop is Barranco…..

If you are interested in visiting Lima, make sure to contact me

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