La Mercado (Market) de Chorrillos

Before heading to Barranco, we stopped at the local market in Chorrillos. For an incredible glimpse into Peruvian products,this is a must to visit with a local tour guide. The area is an explosion of color of fresh fruits and vegetables.

During the tour, we found out that are over 4,000 types of potatoes, 55 types of corn, and the main supplier of quinoa. The fruits and vegetables are organic where pesticides is used minimally.

Well enough of the writing, enjoy the virtual walking tour of the market


Yellow corn

Black Corn

Corn bread

Fresh squeeze orange juice


Now don’t think we just walked through without tasting. The fruits were tasty and delicious.

One of the most flavorful meals we was in this market. We spent our entire trip trying to get this dish.

However, we were not successful. Sometimes the best meals are in the neighborhoods that are less touristy.

Anywho, time to move on to the next stop.

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