Would you believe I’ve never been to the Grand or Antelope Canyon area?  Yeah, I’ve been to 6 continents and have a running total of countries visited.  Yet, I’ve not experienced all the beauty in my own country.

Well, it is time for a change and so this mother’s day weekend, a trip to Arizona, in particular, the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon, is on the horizon.  I did give a side eye? at the cost of the tours, but it was worth it just to experience the beauty.

Antelope Canyon

It was about a two-hour drive outside of Flagstaff.  The tour company and guide was extremely knowledgeable about the Navajo tribe and history surrounding Antelope Canyon.

Our tour was of the Lower Antelope Canyon which is about 120 feet below the surface.  The climb down as well as the narrowness of canyon was invigorating and I enjoyed it tremendously.

Why don’t you take a digital climb down with me and experience the awe?