Glamping: Black Girls Hike Too, Juneteenth Celebration

Since moving to the Northeast, I am truly embracing going outside of my comfort zone and being a bit bolder with my adventures. So when an email from my meetup group Black Girls Hike Too about “glamping” hit my inbox. I was like ooh la la. I was never in the Girls Scout and my parents did not believe in camping, so the experience eluded me until now.

Based on the invite, the glamping event would be limited to 12 people and the organizer, Sherolde Hackett, CEO and Founder of Black Girls Hike Too, scheduled a Q&A call for those who had questions (me). I decided within minutes into the call that I was going. It was well-planned, organized, and within budget. My Juneteenth Glamping Weekend was scheduled.

What exactly is glamping?

Now, you are probably wondering — what exactly is glamping? Glamping is exactly as its name suggests: the perfect combination of outdoor living and hotel comfort. The concept has been around for a few years now but is really starting to take off especially due to COVID and wanting to do something different.

River Mountain

Our glamping weekend was at River Mountain in Everette, PA which is about three and half hours outside of Philadelphia. The site was selected due to the fact it was part of the Underground Railroad and as our organizer stated “what better place to celebrate the freedom of our ancestors than doing it classy”

River Mountain has four cabins and within each cabin are 12 pods. In addition to the cabin, there are three (3) canvas teepees, a historic log cabin, and a “big red” barn. They offer complimentary happy hour. (You got to try the Amber Ale. I don’t like beer/ale, but I was drinking it like it was water.) Anywho, I digress. Private bonfires, expansive deck with patio seating, and beautiful mountain views.

Did I forget to mention that the cabins have air conditioners and WiFi? I can see myself as a nature girl.

The Glamping Hike

Our name is Black Girls Hike Too, therefore, the itinerary included a 2-hour hike of one of the many trails. If you have read my previous blogs, I’ve done a couple of hikes, but this one was a hike with uneven path, crossing creeks, going under a falling tree, rain, inclines…I could go on but you get the gist. However, I have to admit and I know the other 11 ladies would agree, it was a good hike. It was beautiful, to be in nature was refreshing.

We learned the importance of the hiking stick/pole. How to avoid snakes? How to find a trail using Blazers? Blazers serve as markers to let hikers know they’re on the right track. We were on the Orange Trail.

The rain didn’t even damper our joy. We kept on hiking!

The Glamping Fellowship

The connections and fellowship has to be the most rewarding part of the weekend. We laughed, we talked, we provided wisdom, we fib or two (inside joke), we learned how to grill. Overall, it was a great time for sisterhood and embrace coming together in honor of Juneteenth.

We learned how to make a charcuterie board.

We sang and danced and played a couple of games. I won’t mention whom, but some of us had our “black card revoked” (a game).

So how do you organize and plan for a group of Black women, who don’t know each other, but will be spending two nights and three days together in close proximity? Easily…very easily! If you come with an open mind, a positive attitude, and an adventurous spirit, the only outcome is a success. These twelve (12) fearless black women brought their “A” game and we are our sisters’ keeper.

Thank you so much for reading this blog and joining me in my adventures! Make sure to check out my other blogs and contact me when you are ready to travel domestically or internationally. I am here to you to curate a trip for you, your friends, and your family.
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