Black Philadelphia: Grounds For Sculpture

I did another meetup with Black Philadelphia. This time it was art….in particular, sculptures. An hour outside of Philadelphia is Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey, and I was in awe.  It has to be one of New Jersey’s best kept secrets. 

Initially, I was not interested in it but when I canceled my plans for San Juan, I wanted something to do. I went to their website and it seemed different and fun. However, the event was sold out for our group and on the site. But, I wanted to go. Well, what a girl supposed to do.   I started “stalking” the site in the hopes a slot would open. I was very lucky and got a ticket for the same time and day as the Black Philadelphia group. Persistent pays 😉.

Grounds For Sculpture

Anywho, Grounds For Sculpture is a 42-acre public sculpture founded in 1992 by Seward Johnson to promote an understanding of and appreciation for contemporary sculpture. The Grounds has over 270 permanent collection sculptures as well as indoor exhibitions in eight galleries.

Furthermore, Grounds For Sculpture is also a botanical garden with paved terraces, pergolas, and courtyards close to natural woodlands, ponds, and groves of bamboo. Also, the ground has more than 100 species and over 2,000 trees.  With all this, it makes for a perfect day trip or activities. 

Things to See

Once you are inside, it is like a maze and there is no rhyme or reason.   Just take the path and start exploring. Below are some of the moments and sculptures that were captured.


Grounds For Sculpture Tips

  • The Grounds For Sculpture is not far from Princeton and Trenton. Since it is just over an hour by car from New York City and Philadelphia, it can be a day trip from either city. If you are like me and don’t have a car, you can take the train to Trenton and Uber over.   
  • Bring water, sunscreen, sunglasses and a sunny attitude as you will be outdoors for many hours.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  Oh, and there are lots of benches for a quick rest.
  • The Grounds is a timed event.  So, make sure to reserve your ticket in advance.

The Grounds For Sculpture is a delight especially if you just want to spend the day exploring an unusual place.

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