Divas Doing Europe: London

On the fourth day in Europe, we took a day trip from Paris to London. Our train was leaving at 0817 and we were told to arrive two hours prior to departure.

The plan was to leave the hotel at 0530 to catch the metro from Gare du Lyon to Gare du Nord. About 5 minutes of waiting, we were missing two people. I called the graduate Marshelle and asked: “Are you all coming down?” The reply was “yes”. Well, I found out during the train ride, they overslept and I was the wake-up call lol.

Anywho, we got to the station on time. Just a little warning Gare du Nord is a maze when transferring via the metro to the train. Also, because of Brexit, the security line is long as you have to go through France and then the U.K. custom. The good news is you get two passport stamps. πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Once we got on the Eurostar, it was time to relax and take a little nap for the 2h30 train ride to London.


On the day we arrived, London decided to have inclement weather. It was windy, wet, and raining. Also, there was a lot going on in the city — London Marathon, major road constructions and protest πŸ‘€. Therefore, we stayed on the hop on hop off and only got off at two sites – Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. Some of the ladies braved the weather and was on top to get a view of the city.

Below are some of the moments that were captured.

Martha ended up saying that now that she has had her fish and chips, she can die happy lol

Back to Paris

We all froze, but we laughed, ate and skipped along Buckingham Palace.

Now it’s time to return to Paris. To say it mildly, we were wiped out!

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