Divas Doing Europe: Brussels

We are now at our final country Belgium. Can I tell you that we are tired? We had another early morning train ride. Once we finally got to our seat, we fell asleep lol

Once we got to Bruxelles Midi train station, we got on the metro to Centraal station and proceeded to walk to our hotel with our luggage. The hotel was only .5 miles away but it felt like a mile with the cobblestones streets. I was prepared for mutiny from the Divas because cobblestones and luggage don’t work.

Once we got to the hotel, our rooms were not ready and the Divas were hungry. We dropped off our luggage and went looking for Belgium waffles and we found the Waffle Factory.

Once we ate and took the customary selfie, it was time to explore Brussels

I was a bad guide, I left the Divas to explore on their own and I went back to hotel to sleep 😂

Pictures of their Exploration

After a full day of exploration, we had our farewell dinner to Europe.

I hope you enjoyed the Divas Doing Europe story and if you are interested in traveling, please contact me

Bye 😍

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