Arizona Roadtrip

When I think of Arizona, I automatically think of Phoenix.   I would hear how hot it would get.   You know that dry heat which is so different from the humidity of South Florida.   However, when a friend invited me to explore the Grand Canyon area, I jumped at the chance.   All I knew is we would be staying in Flagstaff which is two hours outside of Phoenix.   You know what that means….roadtrip!

Upon arriving into Phoenix International Airport and picking up the rental, we already encountered our first issue.   As we are entering the rental car center, I started to automatically go to the area to pick up the car.  My friend told me no we need to go to the rental counter first.  I was like why?  Didn’t you make the reservation? After she told me yes and the protocol, I was in shock.  Allow me to give you some history about myself.  I travel for work and my company partners with Hertz.  I just make the reservation and on the day of travel, I get an email telling me what slot to find my vehicle.   I get in the car and drive off.  You all should have seen the look on my face.


The drive out of Phoenix wasn’t so bad.  We got caught in some afternoon traffic, but uneventful.   Anywho, during a road trip and especially if you are awake, there are a lot of things you end up noticing.  The first thing is the scenery.

I will tell you this, Arizona has one of the best scenic routes to Flagstaff/Sedona.  The views are just breathtaking. The mountains and the vegetation are just beautiful as shown below.


However, I did notice as we were driving out of Phoenix, the cactuses!  They are prevalent in the Phoenix area.  However, as you start to drive out of the city (heading north), you no longer see them.   Furthermore, with my warped observation,  as we were leaving or coming back to Phoenix, I felt they were giving me the middle finger.   Take a look…doesn’t it look that way? 😉

Now the signs were also interesting.  Usually, I will see speed-limit signs; but never like these.   The first time I saw the Elk sign, I was like uh.   I have to worry about Elks.   Then I had to stop and think “what is an Elk?” Or “Is that an Elk”?  Yep, you are probably scratching your head as well.

Now I have to watch for rocks.  Why can’t I just drive in peace?  Now I am on the look-out for rocks.  What kind of rocks? What directions will the rocks arrived from? What am I supposed to do?  Do they even have a guide on how to handle situation like this?

This one totally got me.  What the heck is “6% Grade”? Do you know I had to Google this while my friend was driving?  It means that we are going downhill.  Couldn’t the sign say that?  Oh, the percentage tend to change depending on where you are at.

During our tour of the Grand Canyon, we found out the cell phone towers are camouflaged as pine trees.  Did you know that?  I thought that was so cool.   You will never look at a pine tree the same way.

Well, we finally made it to Flagstaff and the famous road is Route 66.   I think there is a song about Route 66.  This is the road you take to get to the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed the craziness that goes through my head during a roadtrip.  What are some of the things you notice during a roadtrip?


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  1. Mimi

    Very nice ?? Great pics

  2. Miranda

    I loved your reactions toward the signs lol! Did you see any elks at all? They’re really cool up close!

  3. Mink Borwornsenee

    Love the pics! And ya looking at the signs they are quite confusing!

  4. Harsh Gupta

    I love road trips that take me through scenic drives and this trip to Arizona is such breathtaking. I love all the pictures taken by you!

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  6. Ana Ojha

    Driving to Grand Canyon is an experience in itself. I went there during Christmas of 2015 and the landscape looked like a winter wonderland!

  7. Agness of aTukTuk

    This seems like an excellent road trip! Thanks for the awesome idea!

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