A Culinary Road Trip: Chasing Maryland Crabs in Baltimore

Greetings, fellow proud Gen Xers! Remember that iconic episode of The Cosby Show where Vanessa heads to Baltimore to watch The Wretched? Well, my recent escapade to Baltimore wasn’t for a concert, but for a feast of the best Maryland crabs. Let me take you on a journey filled with foggy highways, unexpected discoveries, and, of course, the delicious taste of crabs.

The Road Trip

The adventure kicked off at 9 am in Philadelphia, with a nearly two-hour drive down I-95 South. Hoping for a scenic ride, heavy fog had other plans. Nonetheless, the journey was filled with great conversation, laughter, and obligatory pit stops. And seriously, why do we load up on coffee and water before hitting the road?

Discovering Baltimore

Arriving in Baltimore, I had a moment of nostalgia. While I’d been to Baltimore in a previous life, this visit revealed a city I hadn’t quite remembered. As I looked around, the idea of possibly moving there started to take shape. After all, you never know what adventures a change of scenery might bring.

The Crab Feast

Our destination was another friend’s spot where we relaxed a bit and explored the building. Then, it was off to Conrad’s Seafood Restaurant for the main event – Maryland crabs. Following my friend’s advice, we bypassed the touristy spots downtown and headed to where the real culinary magic happens.

With the spirit of the Caribbean in me, I was ready to tackle those crabs. While the ladies had mallets, I opted for a more primal approach – my teeth! After devouring four jumbo crabs and sipping on two delightful cocktails, I was officially stuffed. The flavors lingered, and the experience was nothing short of a seafood lover’s dream.

The Ride Home

As the evening set in, it was time to head back. The road trip home was filled with the satisfaction of a day well spent, culinary delights still dancing on our taste buds. It was the perfect way to cap off a Saturday.


And there you have it – a spontaneous road trip fueled by blue crab cravings, unexpected city exploration, and the simple joy of spending time with good company. Baltimore, with its culinary treasures, left a lasting impression, and who knows, a move might just be on the horizon. As a proud Gen Xer, I’ll continue to embrace these impromptu adventures because, as we all know, life’s too short not to savor every moment, especially when it involves fantastic food and unforgettable road trips.

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