Why are we not visiting Haiti?

Before I made the decision to visit Haiti, I felt a certain way about visiting Cuba first.  There has been a mass “exodus”  of people visiting Cuba.  Tour groups are charging in excess of $3000 for a 5-day trip.  People are figuring out how to meet the requirements of entering Cuba from the U.S.

What about Haiti?  *Silence*! *Crickets*! I hear it is not safe.  I hear people have been murdered.  There are unsafe areas everywhere.  Why are we not traveling to Haiti?  What is it about this country we can’t see an influx of tourism?

At the time, I was thinking about visiting Haiti, I knew of one tour group based in Southern Florida that has an annual trip to Haiti.   The Ultimate Haiti Experience, but I didn’t want to wait until December.

I started to Google “tour groups to Haiti”.  My search was futile.  Okay, it was frustrating!  I finally saw something on AffordableTours.com via G Adventures. Hallelujah! It was for 10 days and I would be able to visit the South, North, Central, and South East region of Haiti. The price was $1899.00.  What a steal?  The price included accommodations, meals, tour guide, a driver, and excursions to the key attractions (Bassin Bleu, Citadelle) in Haiti.

20160708_090805(0) (During my trip, I found out the local tour group used by aforementioned is tourhaiti.net)

The dates in July were perfect.  It requires only  taking four days off from work because it was two weekends and a holiday.  So I ask again, why are we “running” to Cuba and paying more for lesser days rather than taking a chance and visit Haiti?

Take a chance and see what the Republic of Haiti has to offer.

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