My Weekend to Key West

I’ve been to Key West twice before this trip but they never counted.  The first trip to Key West, I was 16 years old and it was with my Church Youth group.  On our first day, we decided to rent mopeds and I landed in the emergency room.  Oh, and I had to get a tetanus shot.   In my mind, that trip did not count.

My second trip to Key West was two years ago for the Ragnar Relay Race.  This was a relay that consisted of 12 runners running a total of 100 miles from Miami to Key West.  All I remember was darkness, sleeping, and running.  I have no real memory of Key West except that I no longer had to run once I got my medal at the beach.  In my mind, that trip didn’t count.

20160730_093840Now this trip counted and was a bucket list.  I rented a convertible from Hertz.  Now, you are probably wondering, wouldn’t that be expensive for a weekend?  No, I turned in my Hertz reward points and I only had to pay for the taxes and insurance.  I rather be safe than sorry!

Once the car was secured, it was time to look for accommodations.   I am a hotel girl.  I don’t do hostels, Airbnb, or couch-surfing (I am not judging those who do).  Since this was a last-minute adventure, the hotels all required one night deposit.   I don’t do deposits.  You never know what will happen from the time of booking to the actual trip itself.  I finally was able to book the Hyatt Beach House in Key West with no deposit or advancement payment.   Can you say that I was winning?

On Saturday, I picked up my convertible (after getting instructions on how to remove the top) and drove to Key West.  Once I got off the Florida Turnpike, the majestic beauty of traveling through the Keys was just breathtaking from Key Largo to ‎Islamorada to ‎Marathon to ‎Key West.

My overnight stay in Key West was eating lunch at The Commodore, relaxing in a hotel hammock by the pool area, strolling down Duval Street, taking a picture at the Southernmost Point, and having dinner at Nine in Five.   Of course, the best part of the day was the double scoop of butter pecan ice cream to finish my day.

Sunday came too quickly.  I woke up feeling refreshed and took a leisurely stroll on S. Roosevelt Avenue where in typical South Florida weather it rained for 5 minutes while sunny.   Went back to Duval Street and saw an iguana before getting the Earth Shake smoothie at the Smoothie Shuttle.   Then it was back on the road and back to Miami.

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I questioned myself during my weekend getaway as to why it took me 37 years to really experience what is in my own backyard (Key West).   What is in your “backyard” that you have not done?  Consider it because the smallest adventures can have the most lasting memories.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got my key lime pie and a tan.

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