Traveling during Coronavirus Pandemic

The biggest travel day for business travelers is Monday. However, today feels eerily like you are in a twilight zone. I was expected to fly to Toronto for a business trip. However, my client canceled due to the Coronavirus and now I am heading home after spending some days in New Orleans.

Over the weekend, I was worried. With the President announcing a National Emergency, what would it be like when I leave my bubble?

My bubble is my house. I work from home and so my interactions to the public is limited unless I am heading to yoga, running errands, and traveling, the social distancing would not be a problem.

However, what will the airports be like? What kind of screening process would be in place? Would I encounter any issues arriving into FLL airport? Sidebar: I read in the Miami Herald that Florida Governor is asking the President to restrict domestic travel to state to reduce the number of infections. I could not get my brain to shut down that I barely slept.

My flight out MSY (New Orleans) was scheduled for 7 am on Delta. The alarm went off at 3:30 am and was out of the house at 4:15 am. I arrived at the airport at 5 am. This is so not me. One, I am not an early morning person and two, I am never 2 hours early for a domestic flight. πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜³

When I arrived to the airport, there were no lines at the Delta counter. That is not the norm on business travel Monday. Security was a breeze. I made it to my gate in about 5 minutes.

I did notice a lot of people wearing a mask. However this couple did stand out. They were covered from head to toe and on my flight to Atlanta.

The flights are less to capacity. Okay, they are almost empty. I got upgraded to first class on both of my flights.

At Atlanta airport, you have fire rescue (medic) riding around in bikes through the concourse.

The entire time I was traveling, I was trying to grasp the situation. It almost feels like you are watching a sci-fi movie and thinking it will be over in about two (2) hours. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Is this our new norm? What will happen once we have a control of the coronavirus pandemic? So many questions but little answers right. However, I do know that we need to do our part to stop the spreading of coronavirus. Be diligent with washing our hands and limit our social interactions. Be safe!

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