How I spent my summer vacation during COVID-19? Flamingo Gardens

The pandemic (Coronavirus) has made 2020 an interesting year.  For over 15 years, I always took a two weeks vacation internationally.   I still had plans to visit Aruba but being from a “hot” state, I made the choice to cancel.  Boy, was I disappointed and annoyed. 

Anywho, I started looking for something safe, different and fun to do in South Florida. Well, I stumbled upon Flamingo Gardens located in Fort Lauderdale (Davie). One thing that sparked my interest most is that it’s a animal sanctuary / rescue center, not a zoo.

Actually, it was started as a botanical garden almost a century ago by the Floyd and Jane Wray and has since then grown into one of the largest Wildlife Sanctuaries in the area. Therefore, my interest was piqued.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but at the end of the self-guided tour, I had a fabulous time.

Paths and trails 

The park is full of lovely walking trails that are great for strollers and wheelchairs; and bridges with small canals flowing under them where you can see swans as well. Along the path, you will find decorative or creative designs of the wildlife.



The original sanctuary was mainly for birds. Since then Flamingo Gardens added more wildlife.  There are big cages along all the trails


The first stop on the trails is the aviary.  When you initially walk in there is a sea of birds in the trees, in the ponds, on top of the railings, or just walking along.   I wish I could tell you about the types of birds, but I was so proud of myself that I could easily identify a pelican and a duck. 🤪 


The path had so many peacocks and I was just waiting for one to open their plume. Did you know only male peacock has plumes?  They use it to get the girl.  It never happened or maybe I was only looking at girls. 😒



The Flamingo Gardens wouldn’t be complete without flamingos. 🙂



Well, I found out that otters are extremely playful.


There was several types of turtle or are they tortoises.   Some came out of hiding others just chilled.


As I was exciting, I saw this beautiful creature.  I think he/she is giving me the side eye.

My Take On It: 

The serenity, the animals, the large cages, the shady open spaces is just the right mix for a great day out.

Important info to guide you:

Due to pandemic (COVID-19), strict protocol was in placed. First of all, you must purchase your ticket online and reserve a spot. Secondly, you must have a mask on and follow social distance.

Flamingo Gardens
  • Hours: open 7 days a week 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Address: 3750 South Flamingo Road, Davie, FL 33330-1614
  • Phone: 954-473-2955
  • Cost: $21.95 Age 12+ ■ $15.95 Ages 4-11 ■ Ages 3 and under are free ■ $17.56 Seniors (Age 65+)
  • Website:

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