Things to do in Miami: Jet Boat Adventure

Several weeks ago, I was in a panic looking for somewhere (anywhere) to travel for New Year’s.  I have (or rather had) a tradition of celebrating Christmas and New Year’s aboard.

I was literally in a tizzy. Unfortunately, last minute and my budget were not cooperating. Alas, it was meant for me to stay home. Well, the struggle was real. 😉 and I am now a tourist in Miami.  I found out about being a tourist in your own backyard is so much fun. Last weekend, I explored Wynwood Walls.   Read all about it – Things to do in Miami: Wynwood Walls.

So with the decision of staying home for the holidays, I found out that I can’t afford Miami with some of the activities I wanted to do! Oh, Vey!   It was time to be a little creative and budget-conscience.  So I turned to Groupon.  You are probably wondering “What the heck is a Groupon?” Well, Groupon is an American worldwide e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in more than 28 countries at a discounted rate. 

After many hours (okay about 30 minutes) of scrolling through the app and looking for activities, I came upon another unique and interesting activity – JetBoat!  For about 30-minutes and less than $35 (for 2), I can jet around Biscayne Bay with 20 strangers.  How much fun is that?  We laughed! We got wet! We sang!  We learned a little bit about Miami Beach!  

Well, you can do the same thing in Miami or find other activities in your  city/town by going to

Groupon Deal

Jetboat tickets for two for $35.00 with Jet Boat Miami.   You can’t beat that deal.  Here is the link just in case you are interested.


Jet Boat Miami.  Just in case the Groupon has expired.  You can contact the company directly.

Per there website, “Jet Boat Miami is the one-stop location to do the most fun and adrenaline-activities in Miami. From our renown Jet Boat Ride, to jet ski rentals, banana boat rides, flyboard, jet pack and even private boat rentals; you will be able to experience all of our activities without having to worry about traffic and going from one place to another to enjoy the sun and waters of Miami! Check out all of our activities to get more information, prices, and times available.”


If you don’t get the Groupon deal, the cost is $29.99 (Adult) and $15.94 (child).


Sea Isle Marina in Downtown Miami, 1635 North Bayshore Drive, Miami, Florida

Hours of Operation

Open 7 days a week from 10am-6pm


Parking is available for a flat rate of $10.00 at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.  Trust me!  It is worth it than trying to find parking.


Per the website, the Jet Boat ride is an Adrenaline Junkie Ride

Departing from Sea Isle Marina, we head right on to our territory in San Marco Islands to receive a ride full of adrenaline, from here we go to Memorial Island to receive yet another shot of adrenaline and see the houses from the rich and famous from another perspective. The trip ends going on high-speed back to Sea Isle Marina. If you feel that you need more adrenaline… let our captain know! He will give you an extra set of twists just before arriving. Get to proudly wear your survivor T-shirt! Only for the brave!!!

Because of my love of traveling,  I spend more time not being at home rather than experience living at home.  Not anymore!  Living and enjoying where ever your head rest is the best experience and adventure to have.  Welcome to Miami!

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  1. Julien Mordret

    I would so love to try this! Adrenaline-inducing activities are so addictive. You are lucky to usually spend new Year’s Eve abroad, I am usually stuck at home. But well, it’s also easy to forget that our home can be as interesting as all the exotic destinations we dream of!

  2. Sherrie Fabrizi Allbritten

    I live in Florida, so there is a lot to do with out door activities. Especially Miami! The Jetboat looks like so much fun!

  3. Chris DePauw

    These are so fun. I remember the first time I rode one in the Wisconisin Dells when I was like 5

  4. Gabriela@IamFoodieTraveler

    I would love to try this, it looks like a lot of fun! I don’t think I can find something like this in the Netherlands where I live, so I need to plan a trip to Wisconsin

  5. Jas

    Oh my goodness this looks like such an epic fun time! I’ve absolutely adore boating and am just totally living vicariously through your photos here. Bummer I didn’t read this sooner before my Miami trip otherwise I would’ve loved to have a water adventure there 🙁

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