The Misadventures in Lisbon

The day started with an itinerary to visit Cristo Rei aka “White Jesus” which is one of the most famous monuments in Lisbon. Once we got to the metro, I started bragging I got this and figured the correct metro to pick up the ferry. My travel mate was just like okay

We get to ferry station and it was waiting for us and I started taking pictures as rode on the Targus River.

After about 10 minutes, I said I don’t see “White Jesus” or the San Fransisco Bridge. My travel mate looks up and said me neither. She goes and speaks with one of the staffs. We are on the wrong ferry and heading to Montijo 👀 Oops!

I felt like we ended up on the island of the Autobots (Transformers).

And so we decided to walk the parking lot. It was an mis-adventure.

The views of the river was just breathtaking.

Our ferry back to Lisbon wasnt expected to leave for another 30 minutes and so I sat…..

Well, we got back on the ferry to head back to Lisbon and said I am no longer in charge of directions. I am on vacation 😄🤪

On serious note, even though we got on the wrong ferry, we were safe and it was easy for us to get back to Lisbon. Sometimes these things do happen when traveling but a sense of humor and calmness makes it part of the adventure.

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