Sunburst Falls and Lake Logan: Asheville

Our guide, Prestige Tour and Transportation, added more stops to our itinerary that was not on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I call them the not so hidden gems — Sunburst Falls and Logan Lake. But before we get there, I want to share some more pictures of the drive. Regardless if you are on the Parkway or the interstate, it will be a scenic and beautiful drive.

Sunburst Falls

This waterfall is hidden and flows beneath a historical stone arched bridge on NC Highway 215, about four miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Falls are on a creek called the West Fork of the Pigeon River but is more commonly called Sunburst Falls by locals. It is just up the road from the Sunburst area.  The upper portion of the Falls is easily visible from the road and is a popular stopping spot.

Lake Logan

Lake Logan is tucked away in the mountains of Canton, NC. In the 1930s, the lake was created as a reserve water source for the Champion Paper Mill. The result is one of the most pristine mountain lakes on the east coast.

It felt like I spent days exploring the Parkway and waterfall, but it was for several hours. I believe the best time to visit Asheville and the surrounding area is in the Fall. The weather is perfect, and you get the foliage at the same.

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