A New York Minute

New York has become my second home. I love coming here for a quick weekend getaway especially when there is an occasion. This time it was a good friend’s daughter (Little Bit) competing in a national track event.

It was Little Bit’s first time in New York and my first track meet. Guess who had a lot of questions 🙃 Moi! Anywho, I love being a tourist and a tour guide. Our stay was in Harlem because of proximity to the event and (truth be told) the closest Marriott hotel.

I know my focus was supposed to be on them but first, I needed a haircut. It was time to bring back Nat before the pandemic. The hair had to go. I was spending way too much time on my hair so it was a New York and New Me!

Now, let’s begin exploring the city. One of my favorite forms of transportation is public transit. I loved it internationally but since I moved to Philly, I know no other way. With Google maps, we were on our way to the New York subway station but first a picture in front of the Apollo theater. Iconic!

Day One, Manhattan

We had no set itinerary but just to have the experience of being downtown. We started walking towards Time Square taking pictures

Made a stop in the M&M World New York.  This is the ultimate experience of 3 floors of just M&Ms.   You know I left with a bag and I kinda shared.

Then it was toward Rockefeller Center

And our final stop — Central Park.   We took the route via 5th Avenue and ran into the zoo.  Maybe the next trip may be a zoo visit.

Day one was almost 12 miles and over 20k steps. When I tell you the feet and the knees were done but Little Bit was fine 🙂 Today’s youth! 😆

Day Two, Manhattan

The next day was the track meet and Madame Tussaud. We didn’t get the gold, but we are so proud that Little Bit made the finals which is a major accomplishment.

So let me tell you about Madame Tussaud….it has been on my “Things To Do” list forever and so when Little Bit said she wanted to do it, I got excited.

This is a fun activity for everyone and a must-do. Check out some pictures.

If you are looking for a quick getaway and to recharge, New York is the spot and make sure to do something different.

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