Emirates, A Business Class Experience

I am such a Delta airline girl and when the opportunity presented itself to fly Emirates, I could not pass it up.   A while back, I found a sweat deal to Milan from JFK on Gate 1 Travel and I couldn’t pass it up because it included Emirates.   Currently, the deal is through Travel Zoo.  Peeps, grab it before it is gone!

Anywho, back to Emirates Airline as the next blog will be all about Milan.   All I kept hearing was Emirates First and Business Class and so I decided it will be on my travel bucket list.  After looking at the pricing, I said maybe not (lol).  Well, I heard that Coach is better than any of the U.S. airlines.

However, upon arrival at JFK airport, I found out that there was a reduced cost for the Business Class fare, and I jumped on it.  The hack is to wait 24 to 48 hours before check-in to see if the fare drops.  Note:  I will not mention the actual price as it is relative to one’s own budget. But, if you have the financial opportunity, jump on it as you will not be disappointed.

Emirates’ Airbus A380 has long been considered one of the most luxurious in the sky. Filled with gold and over-the-top amenities, the business class offers several quirks. After my flight from New York to Milan, here is an in-depth review of the experience!

Emirates Airbus A380

With the Airbus A380, Emirates flies more of the world’s largest commercial aircraft than any other airline and outfits its business seats differently on 380s than on its Triple-Sevens and other models. Furthermore, Emirates generously uses wooden and gold tones throughout the cabin without it being flashy.  The seats are staggered, there is nobody seated directly beside you, and you find yourself more in your own private module than anything else.

The Seat

The airline has gone added several unique features that no carrier rivals. For instance, the side console, usually home to a stowage, has a minibar filled with water and soft drinks. Right next to that is a tablet that doubles up as a second IFE screen (in addition to the actual remote, which also has a screen.)  The seat reclines to that of a 7-foot fully flatbed.  Each seat comes with a comfortable blanket, a pillow, noise-canceling headphones, a sleeping eye mask and socks, and a Bvlgari amenity kit.

I thought I  was at home!

Our own little oasis in the air!

Cocktail lounge and Bar

The stand-up cocktail lounge and bar in the rear cabin comes with a full bar and snacks. There are banquette seats along the sides, and the restroom back there is twice the size of standard and comes with faux wood and golden finishes.

We felt like we were having a Sex and the City 2 moment (lol).   I could literally travel this way, especially for those long international flights.


The onboard dining is something akin to eating in a restaurant; your order is taken personally and not a morsel is slung from any kind of cart rolling down the aisles. Be ready for food in mass quantities—it never stops coming—and, quality-wise, it is just about as good as it gets in the air.

Bon Appetit!  I am not a soup person but this had to be the best Cauliflower soup I have ever had  (yummy)

I’ve been drinkin’ …Yeah, pretty much drank my share of champagne on this flight.   Mmmm…I didn’t get a buzz or hangover.  Does that mean I had the good stuff 😉

The cousin enjoying Cosmos in the air.  The only way to enjoy it.

The conclusion

Emirates’ A380 business class ticks all the boxes of an excellent flight. With an attentive crew, comfortable seat, and great entertainment, there is little left to improve on. I don’t think I can ever go back to coach or another airline after this experience.

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