Living Single

So I am on the couch watching an old sitcom “Living Single” and actually listening to the lyrics to the opening rapped by Queen Latifah:

“(Check, check, check it out
Check, check, check it out
What you want, no free position)

We are living (Ooh)
Single (Hey)
Yes, we’re living the single life, yeah

We are living (Hey)
Single (Ooh,
And in a nineties kind of world
I’m glad I got my girls)

Keep your head up, what?
Keep your head up, that’s right
Whenever this life get tough, you gotta fight
With my homegirls standing to my left and my right
True blue, it’s tight like glue

We are living (Hey)
(And in a nineties kind of world
I’m glad I got my girls)

…..and it dawns on me that that I am Living Single.   During Superbowl weekend, I had no plans except to be on my couch until a friend called to check up on me and mentioned another friend was coming to New York to watch the game.   The next thing I knew, I purchased a non-stop roundtrip ticket to New York (JFK) on Delta  Who does that? I guess that is anyone who is Living Single.

What does it mean to be “Living Single”?  It means being carefree and enjoying life to fullest.   First stop after arriving in New York is food. CajunSea Restaurant which is located at 32 West 33rd Street.  I definitely enjoyed the food and ambiance.

Next Stop

During our meal, I told Michelle that I would love to visit the Empire State Building. However, each time I was in New York the lines were as long as a marathon and no one has time for that.🙄

As we were walking on 5th Avenue, I saw the entrance to the Empire State Building.

I turned to Michelle and asked did you know that it was close to the restaurant.  Michelle had no clue and she never been.  Next thing we knew, we were paying and “Movin on up” in the sky 😉

Empire State Building

I am not going to lie to you, it was cold up there but it was so worth it.

As we left, we couldn’t help ourselves by taking a selfie with the doormen and others who photobombed lol

Now it time to do some walking and sight-seeing.


The decision for Superbowl Sunday was to go to Harlem.  Okay, maybe I demanded that we go to Harlem (lol).   I’ve been to New York several times and never made it to Harlem.  This time, I was going to visit Harlem.   Remember — this is Living Single 🙂

With “With my homegirls standing (seating) to my left and my right“,  we were a train ride away.




Welcome to Harlem

As we were walking towards the Harlem Tavern on Federick Douglas Blvd, I saw this statute which was next to the police department. I had no idea who the statue symbolize until now. This is the Harriet Tubman Memorial.  For those who are not familiar with Harriet Tubman, she was “a runaway slave and conductor of the Underground Railroad who was called Moses by the people she helped free during her trips between the South and the North, also supported women’s right to vote. Her nighttime missions, with the North Star as a guide, started in the slaveholding state of Maryland and typically ended in Canada.”  Read and watch the view of the memorial in her honor at

After our mini-walk in the cold, we ended up at the Harlem Tavern watching Superbowl.  Go Eagles!

Now I couldn’t leave Harlem without taking a picture of the Apollo Theatre.  Would you believe that walked down Federick Douglas and completely missed the theatre? I did see the Magic Theatre.  Anywho, as the Uber driver was taking us to the train station, I asked if he would pass by the iconic Apollo Theatre.  Here I am!

Finally, it was time to head to head back home to the Magic City.

Before I sign off, I must ask are you “Living Single”?  Get out there and be spontaneous.  Live and Enjoy!  By the way, Delta and other airlines are having killer deals.   There is an airfare fight going on.  Take advantage and be “Living Single” for a weekend.

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  1. Cellia Arenas

    I absolutely love this! You are so inspiring 💗

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