j’aime (❤) Montréal

Montréal is one of these cities I always wanted to visit. So when the 9 to 5 said you need to go back to Canada, I jumped at the chance and did a connection through Montréal rather than Toronto.

I had my brand new coat on

a beautiful view of the city from my hotel room

and I was ready to explore. I love to walk and get a feel for a city. However, I lasted about 30 minutes. The temperature was about 20°F/-6°C and windy, I couldn’t hang but I was able to get a glimpse of what was around my hotel.

Day 2 – Old Montreal

The next day was somewhat bright and early. I did an hour workout in the hotel gym, grabbed a cup of tea, and was on my way to Old Montreal on the metro.

A friend stated that if anything make sure to visit Old Montreal.

Below is some information about this part of the city.

Dating to the 17th century, Old Montreal’s narrow cobblestone streets are full of lively plazas and charming shops and cafes. Landmarks include the Notre-Dame Basilica, a soaring Gothic Revival church, and the Pointe-à-Callière museum with city archeological ruins. Along the St. Lawrence River, the Old Port of Montreal is home to the Montreal Science Centre and the iconic Clock Tower, with views from the top

Well I made it to the Notre-Dame

I also got my door picture

Even found the cobblestone streets 😉

I saw a glimpse of the Port and the science museum

Even along the way, I saw John Lennon. We really need peace

I even saw the pig lady with her pug

Took the customary pictures around the square. By the way, you think you are seeing snow behind me. Nah, it was pretty much an ice patch.

However, after an hour, I needed to get out of the 7°F/-13°C temperature

Right before getting on the metro, I had to get my souvenir sweatshirt, then it was back to the hotel.

I pretty much stayed in my room and worked. I was on a business trip…..right 😉

Anywho, the next day I was on my way to Gander Newfoundland. However, before heading to the airport, I had my last view of Montreal

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