Hop On Hop Off: Cuidad de Mexico

One of my favorite activities when visiting a new city is the Hop On Hop Off (HOHO).

I tend to do it at the beginning so I can get a lay of the land. However, for Mexico City, we did towards the end of the weekend. ¿Por qué?. I don’t why, it just ended up this way.

The average cost of the Hop On Hop Off bus is $19.  I think it is worth it!

Now, it is time to get on the bus and don’t hop off lol

The customary selfie is required

We literally had the upper deck to ourselves. I guess no one wanted to be in the sun lol 😁😳

Hop On Hop Off Tour

I would love to give you an idea of what we saw, but the tour language was in Spanish. We couldn’t find the English version. Perdón, pero no entiendo español.

Enjoy the digital city tour.

Oh and I found 50 Mexican pesos.


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