Day Won! Cairo

This trip all started with me wanting to go to Jordan specifically Petra during the Christmas holiday. I also wanted to add a day trip to Tel Aviv but logistically it was not working. so I prepared myself to visit one country. I mentioned my plans to two friends, next thing I knew – I was planning a trip that included three countries – Egypt, Jordan, and Israel – first stop, Cairo.


This is my second go-round to Cairo. I went back in 2009 before the “Revolution”. I had no desire to visit until one friend said Cairo is only 2 hours away – we can visit the “Motherland” 👀. The itinerary had to be reworked but here we are.

In Cairo, I fell in love with the hotel, Le Meridien Pyramides. Make sure to get the room that has two twin beds facing the pool and the pyramids. 6th floor preferably. The view is phenomenal!

Oh and be sure to do the cheesy photos.

First night, Japanese dinner in the hotel. Best fried rice ever. Once done, time to rest and prepare for a full day in Cairo.

First Full Day

Now that I have given you some history, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Today was a tour of Old Cairo and the Citadel. Our tour guide was informative and a great picture taker. Below are some moments from the tour.

The Muhammad Ali Mosque

Khan El Khalili

Then it was time for lunch

And let me tell you, we ate.

Now that was an Egyptian meal. I hope you enjoyed our first day. Tomorrow will be the Pyramids and Sphinx blog.

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