Photo Diary and Stories from Cape Town Part 2 of 6

Here’s the story of a traveling lady, who was going up Table Mountain!  

On the previous day, we were told that the weather was bad and that Table Mountain would be closed.  So our tour guide suggested we drive to the area and see if we can access some part of it.  Well, all I can say is the drive was very scenic but cloudy.  We got a look at Cape Town in all of its beauty.

We made it to the halfway mark until we saw that there were barriers up to block access to Table Mountain access area.  However, from our site, we still had some spectacular views of Cape Town.

Now let me give you some history before I became “interNATionalcaty” — I really didn’t do a lot of research on the country that I plan to visit.  I knew I wanted to go to Cape Town and it had to be in August.  So with that assumption, I thought it was summer and only packed shorts, sandals, summer dresses, and tanks.   You know what happens you “ass-u-me”.    Who knew that there was a Southern Hemisphere and the season is the exact opposite of the Northern Hemisphere? 👀

I literally froze to death up there.  All I had was a summer (but cute) light-weight jean jacket.


So when it was time to take pictures, I had to take off the jacket.  The look says it all.  You noticed that I am wearing shorts and a flimsy shirt.  This Florida girl had no clue!

We then saw the sign that says “Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa” which means that I need to capture this moment.  You know you were not there if there is no picture of you there. 😉

I got up there and was ready for my close-up until someone yelled that I needed to take off my jacket.   Really!🤤


Any who, here I am smiling but freezing.

We finally left the area and I was able to warm up during the drive.   We then stopped at the Table Mountain Visitor Center to get another aerial view of Cape Town.  There in the horizon, I saw a souvenir shop and I immediately went in.  They had sweatshirts.  Lots and lots of sweatshirts!  I settled on the red one that says “Cape Town“.   During the majority of this series, you will see the sweatshirt.

I can deal with my legs exposing but my arms. Also, I had no hair.  Uh No!  lol

Once I was properly covered and warmed up, I was able to bask in the beauty of Cape Town even though the day was cloudy.

Boy did I learn a valuable lesson during this trip! Do the research and check the weather!  By the way, I never made it to Table Mountain.  It was close the entire time I was in Cape Town. 🙁

Coming up are Part 3 and 4 of this series where we will learn about the culture and history of the people of Cape Town.


(7) Comments

  1. Jo from Woody World Packer

    I have family now travelling through South Africa and they showed us some great photos too. Such an interesting country. Never been but would love to do a massive road trip one day from Cape town to Johannesburg.
    Although it was cloudy, you still manage to show your readers with a great impression about the view over Cape town. Looking forward to your next story.

  2. Punita Malhotra

    So you didn’t make it to Table Mountain but you got this! The views are always so great from the top, aren’t they? The pictures turned out well too. All in all, a memorable trip 🙂

  3. Vibeke

    It is so cool you decided to get out even though the weather was cloudy. I think the view looks cool even cloudy and foggy. I hope I get to visit Cape Town soon. Seems like a very cool place 😀

  4. Sherrie Fabrizi Allbritten

    The views are pretty amazing! I recently did the same thing- I didn’t have the proper clothes for going to the volcano in Hawaii, had to buy a sweatshirt ASAP! It’s too bad you didn’t make it to table top mountain, but Im sure you enjoyed yourself anyways!

  5. Siddharth and Shruti

    We’re glad you managed to get a sweatshirt so that you could warm up a bit. You can tell from the pictures that the weather wasn’t very cooperative that day but you’ve still taken some nice shots. The view of Cape Town from the vantage point seems like it was worth stepping out and bearing the cold! 🙂

  6. Jack

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