Whitewater Rafting: Colorado River

I’ve heard stories and seen so many pictures of whitewater rafting that I became a little bit envious because I wanted to do it. So when Mimi Wanders planned this trip and added it to the itinerary, I was so excited.

So after touring the Canyonlands in the 4×4 jeep, we then drove for about 20 minutes to the river “put-in”.

Whitewater Rafting

The tour offered the following

  • 18-foot oar raft
  • Ice water and lemonade
  • Coast Guard approved life jackets
  • Licensed experienced guide service

For whitewater rafting, you are required to wear a life jacket regardless of your swim level. Don’t I look stylish lol

The raft holds 12 people, not including the guide.

With whitewater rafting, there are 5 classes. They are

One I.- Easy. …
Two II.- Moderate. …
Three III.- Moderately difficult. …
Four IV- Difficult. …
Five V- Extremely difficult.

We were classified as Class II with a little bit of Class III. You know I was excited!

We were so ready for this experience as it would be our first time.

Whitewater Rafting Experience

The whitewater rafting tour was about 3 hours long at 104°F. I lathered up with sunscreen like it was lotion and my travel buddy stayed covered. She had no intention to get sunburned lol

The tour took us down (or is it up) the Colorado River. The river goes through 6 states: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, California. It is 1,450 miles long and goes through 11 U.S. National Parks.

As we are rafting, you are surrounded by beautiful scenery.

We also had the opportunity to go swimming in the river. Initially, I was hesitant as we were given strict instructions for swimming in the Colorado River. One being as you need swim on your back due to current. I was initially hesitant until the others got in and were having a good time.

However, I got over it real quick. Time to jump in!

Now there were some parts of the river that was shallow that you can stand and wad through. Hi there! Do you see us? 😁👇

The shallowness is due to climate change (you know the fake news) Not! This past winter, the area did not get enough snow which attributed to it.

Once our mini swim break was over, it was time get back on the raft which is not an easy task as the guide needs to pull you up by your life jacket which is not as easy especially when you are wet.

We had another short swim break. The breaks came in handy for us to cool off from the heat.

After 3 hours and exciting afternoon, it was time for us to end our day.

Onto the next adventure…

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  1. Martha Parfait

    Color me green!! That was a way vicarious… thanks-a-bunches

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