The Road to Machu Picchu, Part 1

The road to Machu Picchu was filled with laughter and mishaps. It all started on Saturday, August 11. We had a 5 am flight which means we need to leave our hotel by 3 am. So at 2:15 am, the Virgo and I was up and getting ready. After a final sweep of the room, Virgo suggested that I knock on the Leos’ door and I said: “no, they will be downstairs.”

We made it downstairs and no Leos; I called their room, their cell phones, and no answer. The worrywart in me came out and I went back upstairs to their room. After knocking, Leo 1 answered “what?”. I said we need to leave. She replies “it is not 3 am?“. I said, “yes it is and it is after 3 am“. Well, the 2 Leos overslept and their alarms didn’t go off. I told them they had 5 minutes to be downstairs……mishap #1 lol

We made it to the airport by the grace of God and a great driver. Now you all are thinking why I was anxious. Well, we were told you need to be at the airport an hour and a half before departure. Also from our hotel, it is about a 45-minute drive to the airport. Lastly, Lima has the second worst traffic regardless of the time of day. We boarded within 10 minutes of arriving at our gate. Whew!

Anywho, for the domestic flight to Cusco, there was no jetway but rather a bus and a walk up to plane at 39°F

Don’t let this smile fool you. We were cold and sleepy!

First Stop

Upon arrival in Cusco, they offered free coca leaves at the terminal. Coca leaves is what you take for altitude sickness. Also, it is a derivative of cocaine 👀. You should have seen the questions on our face. Do we chew it? How does it taste? Anywho, we grabbed some and went looking for our driver. Now imagine this….it is 0730, we were sleepy, hungry, and have coca leaves in our possession. Can you see the headline?!

We made arrangements to drop off our luggage at the JW Marriott Cusco. We were only taking a backpack to Machu Pachu. Yes, I got 3 women to take only a backpack and carry on to Peru.

When we arrived at the JW, we were in awe of the ambiance and beauty.

They even had the coca tea for us.

And a fireplace

After checking in our bags and having some breakfast, we were on the Road to Machu Picchu.

To be continued

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