Staycation: Cyrotherapy

So it is Saturday and I should be at my morning yoga session and then on my sofa bed. Nope! It is a staycation at Fort Lauderdale Beach.

My friend and travel partner planned a staycation at The W Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

I was supposed to arrive the night before but I fell asleep. 👀

Anywho, I woke up bright and early and was ready for so fun in the sun. Before I left, the travel partner told me not to wear deodorant or lotion because she had a surprise.

Now when I met them for breakfast, why did they have moisturizer and make-up on and me looking like?

Well, the surprise was cryotherapy. Supposedly, it is the new thing to lose weight, keep your skin rejuvenated, and be energized.

So when we get there, we had to sign our life away lol. You know we are not responsible for blah blah blah….

Once they get our signature, it was time to change into a robe, socks, and slippers.

Of course, we had to do the customary photo before the cryo


I have the first victim ( oops, I meant I went first). The instructions wait until the temp reaches -104. Yep, there is a minus in front of the number

Once you get in, you take off the robe and give it to the assistant.

And for 3 minutes, you are cryotherapy… freezing everything off. The temperature gets to -145 and you have to keep doing a 360-degree turn. I swear it was the longest 3 minutes of my life.


My thighs were tingling. In actuality, my whole body was tingling. How long is 3 minutes?

Once I get out, I was still cold. Overall, it was not bad once my blood warmed up.

Then it was time for our cryo facial. Yep, I said facial. It was all new to all of us. It was definitely cold and no talking allowed. My friend and I could only handle 5 minutes but my travel partner did 7 minutes.


The question is or is it are….do we feel different? Is our skin smoother or tighter? Did we lose weight? We won’t know until a day or 2 later. We were told that their clients show up every day. They feel energized and they lost weight.

All I can say it is different and something that I would do! It is definitely outside of the box.

Remember, do something different and for yourself. See you on Wanderlust Wednesday! As we ride off in Fort Lauderdale Beach

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  1. Michelle Powell

    Loved it! Wow what an awesome fiend to plan such an adventure 😊

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