Whew! What weekend! I was invited to a family reunion South Carolina. The initial invite included a road trip from Miami to Myrtle Beach. All I kept thinking 10-hours in a car. Do you understand 10-hours in a car?!  After a very lengthy conversation with my friend, we compromised on flying to Charleston on my Delta companion fare. Okay, you know I cajoled to get my way ?

I was so happy to be 30000 feet in the air.

Myrtle Beach

The first stop was Myrtle Beach. I didn’t have an opportunity to explore Myrtle Beach like I would normally, however, the view from the resort is breathtaking makes me want to want come back enjoy the beach



While at the marina waiting for my yacht to dock, I was able to practice just a little bit of yoga 😉


Next and Final Stop is Charleston.   So when you only have half a day in Charleston before catching a flight home.  What can you do and see?   Well, apparentely there is a lot.  Here is a fast pace digital stroll of Charleston, South Carolina.

Copper River Brdige

As we were driving across the Copper River Bridge, I noticed how the cables reminded me of a starburst.  Next thing I knew, I had phone out and was snapping away.

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park

Beneath the bridge is Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park.   The park includes a running/walking path with beautiful landscape.  My tour guide stated this is where the locals would come and watch the 4th of July fireworks and/or movie night on the lawn.


Mount Pleasant Peir

Within the park, you end up walking on the Mount Pleasant Pier where you can see all of South Carolina.

If you stay on the Pier long enough, you can get the “Catch of the Day”.  I think the flounder is having a snicker break.

Downtown Area

As we were driving towards the downtain area, I noticed this church.  Since Charleston is in the bible belt, you will see several historic churches every couple of blocks.

Historic Charleston City Market

Sweetgrass Baskets

Fountain at Belmond Charleston Place

Pineapple Fountain

The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon

Rainbow Row


The Slave Cellar

The Battery


South Carolina especially the Charleston area is worth the weekend visit.  So much history and beauty.


  1. I haven’t been to South Carolina yet, but my husband visited there a few years back and had a wonderful experience. He loved it and said it’s a destination that he’d like to visit again with me. So many wonderful places on my bucket list!

  2. I love South Carolina and Charleston in particular! You are so right when you say there is so much beauty and history to be found in Charleston. It’s too bad that you didn’t have more time to explore but I’m glad you enjoyed what you were able to see in your time period.

  3. I have a vintage classroom map of the US in my living room. It’s a great reminder of all those state capitals, but also all the places I still need to travel. Myrtle Beach is definitely on that list.

  4. My husband went to high school in Goose Creek and took us to see the country side of South Carolina. Such a beautiful state!

  5. South Carolina is a great place for people to visit if they get the chance. I hope the wreather was okay, it can get pretty hot up there. Loved that you stopped to do some yoga.

  6. These are great places to visit in South Carolina. The Historic Charleston City Market would indeed be a great place to see along with the bridge and the park underneath it too. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  7. My hubby have family from South Carolina! We explored once but not as much. We definitely need to go back and see all these amazing view and spot. Most likely around November time after our baby arrives. 🙂 Tysm for this!

  8. I haven’t visited Charleston since I was a kid but it’s on my short list of places to visit soon. Also have a fondness in my heart for Myrtle Beach as I have vacationed there with my family many summers.