Seward, Alaska Travel Guide

After spending a couple of days in Anchorage, it was time to head to Seward, Alaska. The drive from Anchorage to the seaside community of Seward begins with two hours of spectacular views as you pass between the dramatic shorelines of Turnagain Arm and the jutting peaks of the Chugach Mountains.

Seward is a seaside town that has a population of just over 2,500. The town’s namesake was the former US Secretary of State William H. Seward who oversaw the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867. It is nestled into the mouth of Resurrection Bay and outside of Kenai National Park.

Most people visiting Alaska arrived in Seward via cruise ship, railroad, or car and spend a couple of days. However, Seward can be day trips if your base is in Anchorage. Just know the commute is long.

Things to Do in Seward

My time in Seward was spent on activities and eating. What else is new when you are on vacation. Before I get into the activities, I need to share that Seward can often be rainy, foggy, and cold but on a clear day, this place is beautiful. I had all three and made the most of it.

Hiking Exit Glacier
About a 30-minute drive outside Seward, you enter Kenai National Park. Where you will have an opportunity to hike.

There are two hiking trails in Kenai National Park. They are Exit Glacier and Harding Icefield Trails.

Exit Glacier is an easy trail that winds up to a beautiful close-up view of the glacier. Along the trail, you will come across signs with years written on them, which show where the glacier reached during certain times. This hike takes about 30 minutes one way. While Harding is for the more advanced hikers, it takes about 8 hours to complete. Take a guess of which one I did.

Exit Glacier is one of the most accessible valley glaciers in Alaska and is a visible indicator of glacial recession due to climate change. Where I took the picture is where the Glacier was in 2010.

Kenai Fjords Wildlife Tour

It’s time to take to the seas for the Kenai Fjords wildlife tour.

These boat tours are one of many activities to recommend to people visiting Alaska. You can choose different tours based on the time you have. I did the 6-hour tour to get out of the main bay to see some really incredible sights. Note: If you are prone to seasickness, make sure to take Dramamine before it begins as the water can get choppy.

Besides the beautiful scenery, you get whale watching, otters playing around, and seals lying around.

However, the highlight of the tour is the Aialik Glacier.

As we were leaving the bay, I caught another glacier.

Recommended Restaurant in Seward

Alaska was not prepared for the number of tourists. The pandemic had everyone stir crazy and a mission to travel the U.S.A. With the unexpected burst and not a lot of workers, several restaurants are short-staffed. Therefore, there were long waits to get a table in Seward.

On my first night, I met up with some friends at The Cookery. We arrived before they opened at 5 pm and there was already a line. Then we added our names to the waitlist. We did not get a table until 8 pm. Therefore, when traveling be prepared and be patient.

Now as for the meal, The Cookery, was delicious 😋. It is a locally run restaurant that is focused on serving elegant meals using ingredients from nearby farms as well as regional wild edibles when available. It’s a great place to experience some truly authentic Alaskan flavors.

Recommended Accommodation in Seward

In Alaska, you are not going to find 5-star hotels. With all the research, I didn’t have high expectations. However, the accommodations haven’t been bad. They are clean and comfortable! And that is all you really need for a couple of days.

In Seward, I stayed at the Harborview Inn. I don’t do motels especially those that open from the outside. However, since I had the penthouse (2nd floor), it was alright👌🏽

Note: You need to book your accommodations in advance. So far, the next vacancies are in October (barely).

Final Thoughts

If Alaska is in your travel plans, then include Seward in your itinerary. The town is small but the adventures are big. Thank you so much for reading this blog and joining me in my adventures! Make sure to check out my other blogs. Contact me when you are ready to travel domestically or internationally. I am here to curate a trip for you, your friends, and your family. Follow me on IG @internationalcaty

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