Road-Trip to Ukiah, Anyone?

Have you ever heard of Ukiah?  Neither had I until I was given an assignment in Northern California.  I spent over two hours on Google doing research and/or making travel arrangements.

Did you know that there are three airports in the vicinity?  They are Sacramento  (2 hours 30 minutes), San Francisco  (3 hours) and Sonoma (1 hour and 10 minutes).  The most economical one was Sacramento.  So guess who is flying to “Sactown”.

This would be my first time flying into the city and I was excited.  As soon as I exited my flight, I brought my sweatshirt (another blog).

Then I  went to through the baggage claim area and this is what I saw. (Don’t worry I am team carry-on). Kinda neat!

The Drive

Once I picked up my rental, it was time for my two and half hour drive.   All I have to say is the drive was very interesting and informative for the following:

  1. I-5 is for semis
  2. I saw a beautiful rooster in the middle of I-5
  3. AT&T refused to give me a signal for about 2 hours
  4. You can only listen to country or Christian music if you can pick up station.
  5. Living in Florida has done a disservice to drivers by being flat and straight. I spent the majority of the drive curving at a low rate of speed.
  6. The majority of the accommodations on the route look like the ones you see in the horror movies. Hence, why I am staying an hour away from my assignment because they have a Marriott chain. ?
  7. I drove through Lucerne and Nice. You can say I went international ?

However, I have to admit the drive was extremely scenic and the view of the mountains and the lake were breathtaking.


I finally made it Ukiah and decided to explore Lake Mendocino. You are probably thinking Lake what? Well, it is the reservoir in Mendocino County which was formed by the construction of Coyote Valley Dam in 1958. The Dam includes a fallout shelter to protect against radiation from nuclear attacks. Yeah, don’t you love Wikipedia??

Anywho, here are some pictures of the lake and Dam.

The best part of the route to the Lake is stopping for the wild turkeys.

My assignment turned into a very insightful and adventurous road trip.

(15) Comments

  1. Amber Myers

    What a nice area! Everything is so green. I really like that luggage tower. How neat.

  2. Ivonne

    Looks like a very beautiful scenic drive! I see your jumping again so you must have had a really nice time there!

  3. Krysti

    Looks like such a lovely place to visit for a weekend. Always love your jumping shots!

  4. blair villanueva

    Correct me if am wrong – is that tower luggage an installation art? Looks awesome!

  5. stacey veikalas

    No I have never heard of it either, but now I will have to check it out. Your pics look fantastic! Love that tower of luggage!

  6. Meagan

    Wow, so beautiful. I love your I-5 tips, funny!

  7. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

    That looks like a really nice place to visit. That luggage is so cool.

  8. andrea

    OK the suitcase photo is incredible! Every time I read one of your posts I want to grab my passport and go!

  9. Chava Mazal

    I haven’t been to Ukiah in years. I grew up nearby. Beautiful photos.

  10. Criselle Anne

    Looking at the picture, I think this place is amazing. The lake and the nature is so inviting and relaxing.

  11. Shelby Bromley

    I’m crazy impressed and slightly afraid of the suitcase Mountain!

  12. Girl @

    Wow that view is great. The scenic route never fails to brighten up one’s journey (pun intended)! And thanks to you, now I know about Ukiah 😀

  13. Ritika Chakrabarty

    Looks so beautiful and sunny compared to cold and grey Canada! I’ll bet you had a great time!

  14. Aireona Raschke – Nightborn Travel

    Road trips are my all time favorite mode of travel (although it is exhausting at times). Looks like you made the best out of this work trip. 😛 Love the jumping pic, of course.

  15. Nina

    That sucks about the accommodations but it’s always better to be comfortable! The drive looks absolutely gorgeous!

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