Oh boy, a long flight!

My “bread and butter” asked if I wanted to go to New Zealand for an assignment for two weeks.  Who would say no?  So the person I am who chases frequent flyer points couldn’t seeing me flying on Air New Zealand/United.  I couldn’t give up 10,000 points with Delta and the opportunity to be Platinum.  So with that in mind, I made my flight arrangements as:   FLL to ATL, ATL to LAX, LAX to SYD, SYD to AKL, AKL to CHC.  Oh boy!  I really scheduled myself for a long flight.


The first two connections were not bad, however the leg from LAX to SYD is 14 hours.  Yes, my flight to Dubai and Capetown were longer but this one won because the most connections.


I had a plan. I packed my blanket and pillow. Don’t fall asleep during the first two segments.  Have about 3 glasses of wine during the third segment.  I should be asleep for at least 10 hours.

Well I failed miserably except with the glass of wine.  The minute I got on any of my connections, I fell asleep.

Anyway, I am wide awake writing my next blog and below are some of the things you can do to make it through a long international flight:

1. Bring several books especially from authors you enjoy.  I love romance novels especially Harlequin.  I can lose myself for hours.

2.  Stay awake the night/day before the flight.  Trust me, by the time you get to your seat you will be fast asleep during takeoff.

3.  I hate to write this….alcohol especially wine which can help you sleep.

4.  Taking sleeping pills or some kind of antihistamine medicine.  Please whatever you do, don’t mix it with alcohol

5.  Your favorite music on your phone/i-Pod/iPad.   Yes! Music can help pass the time

6.  Time to catch up on all the movies you didn’t have time to watch at the theatre.

7.  Talk to person sitting next to you. You may make a new friend