I was never going to go if I waited for someone to come with me

I was never going to go if I waited for someone to come with me”   How many times have you heard this quote?  How many times have you wanted to do something, but the person was unavailable or couldn’t afford it?

I guess I had the wanderlust gene since my early 30’s, but it didn’t manifest until now.   I remember after getting my dream job and accumulating two weeks of vacation;  I wanted to go somewhere outside of the United States and explore.  I remember asking a couple of friends to join me and they were basically noncommittal.  I finally decided to plan my trip.  I turned in my frequent flyer miles, hotel reward points, and booked a trip to Rome, Italy for 8 days.   As soon it was done, my best friend at the time told me that “women should never travel alone”.   I then said, why don’t you come along and I quote “I can’t leave my husband”.   I didn’t have a husband and the option of staying home was not an option.

Fast forward 12 years later, I ended up having two traditions.  Traveling outside of the country for my birthday (August) and celebrating the New Year.     I started my tradition of celebrating the New Year outside of the U.S. especially Miami because it was typically the same thing.  I wanted to do something different.   For the first two years, a friend would come along.  This year was different.  I had several friends who wanted to celebrate the New Year.  So, I created an itinerary and emailed it to about ten (10) friends who were interested.   I ended up with one.   However,  it didn’t work out.  The trip was canceled.  I then ended up planning a whole new itinerary with another friend.  That did not pan out as well and it was canceled.

Obviously, I was disappointed; however, I made the decision if I waited for someone to go with me, I would never go anywhere.  I did some research and scheduled my Christmas and New Year’s trip a week later.


Basically, you have to do what makes you happy.  Your friends and family path may not be your path, but it doesn’t mean you can’t walk your own path solo.  Just go and experience that adventure.

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  1. Girl @ girlintherapy.com

    I can relate! My first solo trip was after breaking up with the ex before my husb. That ex was a bit of a chicken, and am so glad my husb is an adventurer and we’ve since visited many countries together.

    I know a school friend who shared that her husband won’t let her go on trips with her female friends. He must be around. I personally wouldn’t be able to live with such a person!

    Solo travel can be scary yet liberating. But once you get the hang of it, the world is truly your oyster 🙂

  2. Agnes

    I am not a huge fan of solo travel since I love to experience new places with others. Thankfully my boyfriend and family love to travel so I always have company however I would totally travel alone if nobody was o board.

  3. Nellwyn

    I relate to this post so much! When I realized that I would never go anywhere if I kept waiting for others I started travelling alone and those trips have been some of the best experiences of my life

  4. Ivonne

    You’re so very lucky to be able to go solo! I use to take off all the time before husband and children arrived! I’d love a trip all on my own and on my terms to discover as I so choose and not have to negotiate with my flock!

  5. Raluca

    “Just go and experience that adventure!” – this is a great advice. I totally agree with what you wrote.

  6. Chelsea

    Such a wonderful read. Very relatable.

  7. andrea

    Your friends and family path may not be your path. I love this!!! It has taken me years to get this one:) I think for a very long time I was living the path others wanted me to follow but now I am carving my own path!! Congrats to you

  8. Amber Myers

    I love this! I’ve done some solo trips and had a blast. I don’t mind being alone, ever.

  9. Angie Rose

    I have always wanted to travel on my own, but have yet to take the leap! Reading this has really given me a new perspective, and made me want to step out of my box. I absolutely love your outlook and your confidence!

  10. Shelby Bromley

    I totally feel you! I use to wait on others to do things but finally I had to take it in my own hands. Have a blast on your New Year’s Trip!

  11. Aireona- Nightborn Travel

    I was just mentioning to someone else that I feel guilty traveling sometimes, but people like you remind me that it isn’t a bad thing to go and chase your dreams. Thanks for teaching me so much and for just being amazing.

  12. Rhonda

    Sounds like me, have been traveling solo for 20 years now.

  13. Katrina

    You go girl I totally hate making plans for my friends to bail last minute. Sometimes you just have to go about what you really want to do on your own. So worth it! Thanks for giving me the bravery to keep on doing that

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