My Journey to Haiti

A soon to be 7 year old made the journey with her mom and brothers on a rickety boat from the Bahamas to West Palm Beach.  Yes, I was/am one of those Haitian “boat people”. I remember the dark and scary water of the Atlantic Ocean. The death of a Haitian woman that they threw her body in the ocean.  Yes, that is why I have an aversion and even fear of  cruise ships, boats, and ocean.
My parents knowledge of the English language was very limited.  I was their translator.  I grew up faster than I wanted.  I saw and knew things that I shouldn’t know as a child.  I was teased a lot because I was “different”.  I developed a shell.  You saw me but you don’t SEE me.
I had one goal during my childhood — go to college.  I wanted to be better than my parents.  I wanted more from life and 37 years later here I AM!

I’ve had a couple of bumps and bruises along the way; however, I refuse to let my past hinder MY present and future, but rather shape it.
Who would have thought this “boat person”…this Haitian girl would be seeing the world and living a life of purpose and passion.

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