My First Tourist Stop – Arlington National Cemetery

I’ve been to Washington DC so many times that I’ve lost count.  However, each time I’ve been to DC, it has been either for work or visiting family.  I don’t have a chance to explore and visit the museums, the memorials or the monuments.  The weekend before Thanksgiving, I decided to be a tourist and do all things touristy.

When I arrived on Saturday, DC was experiencing an “Indian Summer”.  It very warm and it would have been a great day to explore.  However, I was too tired from my early morning flight and so I opted to stay in with the family and just relax and catch up.

The next day I was ready to see what the nation’s capital had in store.  My brother kept warning me the night before that a cold front would be passing through and the temperature will be in the 30s with high winds.  Hey, this South Florida girl can handle it.  I packed my leather jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves — no problem!

Our first stop was supposed to be the National Mall, however, I noticed the Arlington National Cemetry and I said to my brother why don’t we go there first.  Now this started a mini-argument in the car.  My brother said that visitors are not allowed and the kids (my niece and nephew were in the car) don’t like cemeteries.  I said no one likes cemeteries and this is my trip and I want to go to Arlington (yep, I sounded like a 5-year old).  My brother made the turn and guess what — visitations are allowed.  You know I had to do “I told you so”.


Oh, just a little tidbit — my family has lived in DC on and off for 15 years and never been to Arlington.  So this would have been a first for all of us.

Arlington National Cemetry

Arlington National Cemetry sits on 624 acres of land.  It is the burial site for our servicemen and past presidents such as John F Kennedy Jr.     I was a very somber moment for all of us as we saw the number of tombstones, as well as reading the tombstones.

arlington_internationalcaty arlington arlington_internationalcaty4

The Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery is the nation’s official ceremonies to honor all American service members who serve to keep America’s freedom.  The amphitheater reminds you of the Rome’s architecture of its white marble stones and intricate designs.

arlington_internationalcaty2 arlington_internationalcaty3

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery stands atop a hill overlooking Washington, D.C.  It is the burial of an unidentified American soldier from World War I in the plaza of the new Memorial Amphitheater.

Inscribed on the back of the Tomb are the words:

Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God



Arlington National Century is also the burial site for John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Edward Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy





Thinking about the conversation I had with my brother and the kids, I wonder how many people actually visit Arlington National Cemetry.  It is cemetery!  However, as we walked through, you are reminded of the casualties of war and in remembrance of the sacrifices of these brave men and women for our country’s freedom.

If you get a chance to visit the Nation’s capital, make it a priority to visit Arlington National Cemetery.  To know our history is to have knowledge of our present and future.




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  1. Lindsey says:

    Your pics are beautiful! I cannot wait to visit Arlington cemetery!

  2. JanD says:

    I’ve always found cemeteries a place of quiet, a place of reflective moments where we call to mind how short our lives our and what are we going to do to live them to the fullest. It is also a place of remembering those who have died for their countries, it’s quite a sobering perspective. Lovely photos by the way! JanD

  3. Agnes says:

    There is something amazing about being at the Arlington cemetery. Would love to go back to DC

  4. Amber Myers says:

    Oh wow, how amazing. I’d really like to visit here someday.

  5. Anna nuttall says:

    Beautiful photos. I would love to visit one day. xx

  6. Sylvia says:

    Beautiful pics! I find them very nostalgic and peaceful.

  7. Love the I told you so moment! The cemetery looks a lot like Ft. Snelling in Minnesota minus of course the Memorial Amphitheater, The Amphitheater is actually quite beautiful and would love to see it! What a really neat trip and fun day out with your brother!

  8. Leslie says:

    Beautiful photographs of the cemetery by the way. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

  9. I absolutely loved this area when I visited. I love your pictures and take on Arlington. It is really great.

  10. Cemetery’s are such peaceful and beautiful places. From small local ones to large memorials such as the Tomb of the unknown soldiers. You have some lovely photos here. Thanks for sharing.

  11. andrea says:

    Looks like an amazing trip! There is so much to do in DC we made there a few years back but we need to go back to finish out our list.

  12. Laure says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. I think it is a great idea to bring kids there, they need to be aware of the sacrifice so many people made for their country.

  13. What a great post on the Arlington cemetery!

  14. I’ve never actually been to DC or Arlington. Visiting the cemetery isn’t something I would think to do, but it sounds like a worthwhile visit. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Erlene Amat says:

    I’ve never been to Arlington National Cemetary, but I bet it was very emotional. I can never visit veteran sites without shedding a tear.

  16. Sharon Wu says:

    looks like a very interesting place to visit! thanks for sharing and hope you had a fab weekend xo, sharon

  17. Leticia says:

    Oh wow, 15 years on and off and they’ve never been to the Arlington cemetery. Sounds like my family! What a piece of history you were able to see!

  18. I love photo stories! The pictures are so vibrant! What a peaceful looking place to reflect.

  19. chaza says:

    Beautiful pictures. Looks so peaceful. Would love to have a visit one day!